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Since the days of the Rat Pack, Las Vegas has been known for its fabulous entertainment offerings. We’ll argue that things haven’t exactly gotten better since the days of Frank, Dean and Sammy, but there are definitely more choices.

If you’re traveling to Vegas with your buddies, a good show will probably NOT be on the agenda. Those trips are usually consumed by gambling, booze, golf and strippers. So little time, so much to do!

But, if you’re traveling with a date or your lovely spouse, one or more shows has to be on the agenda. First, she’ll want to go, and you’ll score major points springing for one of the big shows. Also, if you choose well, you’ll have a great time. We’re here to help, and you can’t go wrong with these recommendations. Plus, you have to have a suggestion or two if she tries to drag you to something you’ll hate (see below).

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The Beatles Love
This is our favorite show in Vegas. The music of course is amazing, and the visuals are stunning. This is the ultimate show whether you're with friends or with a date. Take her here and she'll be thrilled. Other Cirque shows are spectacular but a little boring. With killer music from the Beatles, this is a show you can love, and she’ll love you for it!

Blue Man Group
Even if you haven’t seen one of their shows, you’re probably familiar with these guys after their Intel commercials. Blue Man shows are also running in cities like New York and Toronto. The show I dominating but loud music, thumping percussion and three strange blue men who play with pipes and water. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen and you’ll love it.

Penn & Teller
These hard-working guys are always great.

Cirque de Soleil
Chances are your gal will put one of the many Cirque de Soleil shows in Vegas at the top of her list. The shows are impressive and spectacular, but they’ll probably put you to sleep. For the price of two tickets you can have a field day for hours at one of Vegas’s many fine gentlemen’s clubs. Unless the show is Love (see above), put your foot down and lobby hard for an alterative. – Shows
Great guide with a complete list of regular shows and upcoming shows. Use this to help plan your trip. – Shows
You can purchase tickets here, though you should always check with your concierge on deals.

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