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The nightlife in Vegas keeps getting better . . . and more expensive. You've got to pay to play if you want to get into the hottest clubs.

If you're not familiar with the term "bottle service" you will be if you try to get into one of the better clubs. If you have a group of guys and you want to get in, you better have some smoking hot women with you. If not, you need to make a reservation for a table and be prepared to order two bottles of liquor - that's usually the minimum. The cheapest stuff will usually run you about $350 per bottle, so you should count on spending around a grand total for the evening after service fees and tips.

Don't worry, you can still get in without this stuff, though you better show up early. There are also many other options if you're not looking for the late-night club experience, like bars and live music (see below).

That said, the bottle service is worth it if you have the funds - you'll get your own table and plenty of booze to lure in all the beautiful women in the club. It never hurts to be a VIP!

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VegasVIP - Bachelor Vegas
If you want to make sure you do things right, have these guys set everything up for you. You'll be at a good table at the right club.

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The choice in Vegas are endless. It seems like every casino has figured out that a hot club brings in the babes, which then bring in the guys, who then gamble and lose their shirts. Remember, as a guy you're pretty much screwed if you don't get bottle service. And even if you do, it's pretty useless unless you get a GOOD table near the action. Don't get suckered and assume all bottle service is the same.

Marquee Nightclub
The Cosmopolitan is the hippest casino in town and this club fits tight in.

Chateau Rooftop
Amazing rooftop bar at the Paris.

Very popular club at the Wynn.

Hakkasann Nightclub
Located at the MGM.

Great name for a club!

This restaurant/nightclub located in the Venetian plays up the Buddhism them to the hilt. If offers great food and an even better atmosphere. If you want to party you can't go wrong here.

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