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We launched Bullz-Eye.com way back in 2000 just before the first web bubble exploded. At that time web guides and directories were very popular along with web "portals" like Yahoo!, so from the beginning we were always organized around channels that included web guides along with our articles and magazine-style content. Things evolved of course over the years and we focused more on the men's lifestyle magazine content, eventually delivering the content as a blog as well.

Still, our channels would continue to have recommended websites as part of the content, so you can browse the channels listed below for web guides along with our archived content, which you can also browse here.

All of our new content can be found on our home page here.

2015 Lexus RC FCars

We review a new car every week and participate in many drive and track events testing out new vehicles. We also have an extnsive web guide broken down by car brands. Get our latest reviews in the cars section of our blog as well.

Girls with Guns: James Bond EditionCelebrity Babes

We love beautiful celebrities, and this channel has tons of celebrity profiles that include web guides for each celeb with photos, videos, bios and more. Get the latest celebrity updates here.

ChicagoCity Guide

We have extensive guides for a numbers of cities in the US and abroad and you can get updates here.

5 common mistakes guys make when approaching womenDating

We've listed tons of great websites relating to online dating and dating tips in a wide variety of categories. We also have great articles and advice from pickup artists. For our latest dating content check here.

Check out this section for profiles of some of the more prominent entertainers of our time. Get the latest celebrity updates here.
The Future of AppleFinance

We have an extensive web guide for subjects from stocks to mortgages and personal finance. Get updates from our blog here.

Did You Know?Fitness

We have regular fitness columns since we launched Bullz-Eye.com along with a web guide. Get out updated fitness posts here.

Beef TenderloinFood & Drink

We love covering everything from juicy steaks, fine dining, greasy burgers, beer, wine and cocktails. Check here for updates including our Drink of the Week series.


We have a pretty extensive webguide that has evolved greatly over the years as gadgets have evolved, and we have plenty of gadget reviews as well. Follow the gadgets section of our blog for more updates.

Philips Norelco Click & StyleGrooming

Our men's grooming channel has tons of recommendations and product reviews to go along with the web guide covering topics such as shaving, manscaping, men's hair issues, cologne, skin care and much more. See recent product reviews and tips here.


We've been reviewing movies and DVDs since we first launched Bullz-Eye.com so we have a huge archive of film reviews along with other features and a web guide. Get the latest movies reviews and DVD reviews here.

Nikki CarrollOpposite Sex

Along with all of our original photography of beautiful models, we also have some great website suggestions as well. Get the latest model updates here.

Phil SovenRecreation

Whether you like something casual like shooting pool or something intense like snowboarding we have you covered! The latest updates can be found here.

Michael Jordan Celebrity InvivationalSports

We've always covered most of the major sports like football, basketball and baseball, and we've attended quite a few sporting events over the years, including the Super Bowl in 2011. Get our latest sports coverage here on our blog.

Stuff to Buy

Along with product reviews and suggestions we have an extensive guide of ecommerce sites selling all sorts of stuff broken down by category. Get the latest product recommendations here.

Jack BauerTelevision

Our extensive content includes show blogs, fan hubs, DVD reviews and more. We keep tabs on television updates here.

Bullz-Eye Bikini Team hits Spring BreakTravel

We travel to events all around the country and have guides to all the resources you'll need. Get the latest on our trips and travel advice here.

How to choose a cigarVices

We'll help you enjoy everything from a fine cigar, a great cocktail and some refreshing beer along with party ideas and a hot babe to hang out with. Get the latest updated on everything fun here.

How to play craps without embarrassing yourself at the tablesWagering

Whether you like poker, craps, sports betting or something else, we have plenty of content and resources for you. Get our latest wagering updates here.

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