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My fair city, the town originally named Cow Ford, is the smallest (well, population-wise, at least) metropolitan area ever to host a Super Bowl. Not only that, Jacksonville is a city with ahow shall I put this? Despite the best efforts of the City Council, Jacksonville is a rednecky town, and gol'dang proud of it. For this, we will be excoriated in the national press. I'm sure there are those out there (can you hear me, Tony Kornheiser?) who are itching to see this thing crash and burn so they can make pickup truck and watermelon jokes.

Regardless, there is a good time to be had here, even for you prissy sophisticates. We're almost afraid all of y'all Yankees will find out how good we have it, regardless of how many Superfund sites we have within the city limits. But remember, my carpet-bagging northeastern guests: regardless of whether you hear Jaxons disparaging their city in a good natured manner, you'd be well advised to not join in, except to tell us how much fun you're havingunlike Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, Florida will let almost anyone carry a gun.

Your Native Guide,
Jesse Wayne Savage

Drinking Out
In addition to the same chain restaurant/bars found in every other US city, Jacksonville offers many unique watering holes you won't find anywhere but here. Click to read more.

Eating Out
You may not be able to afford anything more than McDonald's or Taco Bell after dropping all that cash on your Super Bowl tickets, but Jacksonville has some fantastic restaurants for those of you with the extra loot. Click to read more.

Gentlemen's Clubs
Despite its hard-earned reputation as a hotbed of holier-than-thou fundamentalism, Jacksonville has a number of show clubs for the adventurous gentleman. Click to read more.

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