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We launched Bullz-Eye in 2000, and the popularity of gadgets has since exploded, primarily due to advancements in technology, increased accessibility, and changes in consumer behavior.

The rapid pace of technological innovation has led to the development of increasingly sophisticated and powerful gadgets. As devices become more powerful and feature-rich, they become more appealing to consumers. The widespread availability of high-speed internet and the growth of e-commerce have made it easier than ever for consumers to purchase gadgets from anywhere in the world. This has created a more competitive market and has helped to drive down prices.

As consumers, we’ve become more reliant on technology in their daily lives, and many now consider gadgets to be essential tools for work, communication, entertainment, and even health and fitness. As a result, the demand for gadgets continues to increase significantly. Younger people can’t imagine a world without the gadgets they’ve come to love.

Also, many gadgets are no longer limited to single-use devices. Remember MP3 players? Flip video cameras? With the convergence of technologies, such as smartphones that combine features of cameras, music players, and computers, gadgets have become more versatile and multifunctional.

Things have changed so much since we got started, and now generative AI will push along innovation at even faster rates.

Our latest Gadgets content can be found in the Gadgets category in our new magazine format. Follow along as we talk about the latest gadgets and technologies that will affect your life.

We may not be kids anymore, but we still love our toys. Our gadgets archive is below, and you can find more archived content in the gadgets channel on our blog.

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GADGETS features archive
Canon EOS 70DCanon EOS 70D
December 21, 2013

Canon recently introduced the all-new Canon EOS 70D, which could be a game-changer in the industry.

PhiatonPhiaton's new over-ear headphones
September 17, 2013

From design, to comfort, to sound design, these are a great gift option for fashion-conscious music lovers.

Summer gadgets10 must-have gadgets for the summer
July 16, 2013

With summer in full swing, Matt Byrd compiled a list of the 10 must-have gadgets for the season.

Max BorgesThe best of the 2013 Max Borges holiday tech showing from NYC
June 27, 2013

Matt Byrd was invited to check out some of the latest gadgets and gear at the Max Borges tech showcase and shared his favorite products on display.

NuForce HP-800NuForce HP-800 headphones
April 25, 2013

These headphones were designed for audio enthusiasts and we were very impressed with the sound quality.

Top 13 Gadgets of 2013The Top 13 Gadgets of 2013
January 16, 2013

A new year, a new batch of toys. Our 13 for '13 series kicks off with a look at some must-have gadgets for the year.

PivotheadPivothead HD recording sunglasses
November 18, 2012

With the Pivothead HD recording sunglasses, capturing all your favorite moments on video is not only possible, but very easy.

Eton FRX3The Eton FRX3 Radio
November 15, 2012

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the Eton FRX3 is an incredibly handy gadget that could literally be a lifesaver.

UrbanearsUrbanears Zinken DJ Headphones
November 14, 2012

Like other Urbanears headphones we've tested in the past, the Zinken produces excellent sound with superior comfort.

Best and Worst Bond GadgetsThe Best (and Worst) Bond Gadget Arsenals
November 9, 2012
A spy is only as good as his full range of gear. Check out the best collection of gadgets from the Bond series, including watches, lasers and rocket cigarette launchers, along with some of the worst. Fake nipples and radioactive tracking lint, really?


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