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Vacations are typically something associated with families or couples. But sometimes you just want to get out and explore the world on your own and you don’t want to be considered as a loner freak in the process. Luckily the world of singles travel is a growing one, and there are more and more places on the web to find out information about going solo on the road.

Travel Blogs

The Single Dude's Guide to Life and Travel
These guys are hilarious, and this is a great blog for any guy who wants to make sure they find at least one thing during their travels - single women! They'll tell you about great spots around the world like Kiev, which we discivered on our World Tour.

Singles Travel Agencies

Singles Travel International
This site is a little different from most singles travel sites. Instead of helping you plan out vacations for you to take on your own, they match you with someone who is looking for the same. Romantic possibilities are played up at the site, so it’s kind of like a combination of a dating service and a travel agency.

iExplore is a travel website that has a dedicated section for solo travel packages. Each package is rated in terms of comfort, physical difficulty and exclusivity, so you have a good idea about what you are getting into before you take the plunge out to a far-off land. Their selection is limited but what they have looks great.

Singles Travel Company
This travel agency offers several trips a year that are catered solely for the single travelers out there. Their destinations vary from the beautiful vineyards of California to the party-hardy Club Med. They also have trips designed for specific age groups as well, so you won’t be stuck on a cruise ship with the Geritol set.

Intrepid Travel
Intrepid Travel doesn’t deal exclusively in solo travel packages but they do have an entire section dedicated to them. They offer solo vacations around the world and they don’t skimp on the details when describing them, so you know just what you’re buying.

Absolute Travel
If you really want to experience the world on your own in a supremely posh setting (and money is no object) then skip every other website in this guide and just go here. Absolute Travel offers custom-made travel “experiences” based on their clients individual needs and wants. Think of the hunting company in Hostel, but instead of killing Americans you get supreme five-star resorts in some of the most beautiful places in the world.

Singles Cruise
For many people looking to get away on their own, cruises are the ideal vacation spot. Their safe, easy and there’s almost always plenty to do. This site specializes in cruises that are strictly for solo travelers. A nice weeklong cruise in the Caribbean sounds like a great chance to explore new cultures and…other things.

Singles Travel Tips

Solo Vacations at Budget Travel
The website has an entire section dedicated to traveling on your own, and includes trip ideas, first-hand accounts of experienced solo travelers and much more.

6 Reasons To Go Solo
Written by a woman, men can still get some good tips out of this brief guide to the benefits of traveling by yourself. This writer tells how going out on your own can be good because it forces yourself to become open to new experiences and adventures (keep a clean mind you pervs, she doesn’t mean those kind of experiences).

Solo Travel Tips
This is another short and very informative guide to traveling solo and includes some tips you might not have thought of (don’t listen to you iPod a lot or you’ll never meet anyone). Tips on what kind of hotels to stay at and how to explore the nightlife safely are all covered here.

The urban travel guide is one of the coolest travel sites around. If you want to enjoy nightlife during your travels, this is a fun resource. It's also a great read for those days you just want to think about new places to visit.

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