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Bullz-Eye.com was launched in 2000 as an online men's lifestyle magazine and portal site. Bullz-Eye was created by guys for guys who want great entertainment and reliable information that is quick, easy to find and current. The web has changed dramatically sinced we first launched but we remain committed to the same goals.

Bullz-Eye.com was recently redesigned in 2017 with a more modern theme, and you can find all of our recent content by going to our home page here.

For many years prior to this more recent redesign, most of our new content was posted on our blog, and you can find the blog archive here.

Prior to that, Bullz-Eye was organized around channels and guides, all of which remain in our archive. Below you'll find links to all our old archives along with handy links to newer content as well.


Entertainment coverage has been one of the core content areas we've covered since we launched in 2000, with movies, television, music, celebrities, interviews and more. Our latest entertainment content can be found in the Entertainment category in our new magazine format.


Buying a car is always exciting but be sure to do your research before jumping in. We review all sorts of makes and models to help you decide. Our latest cars content can be found in the Cars category in our new magazine format and in the Car Reviews tag. You can also check out our archive of car reviews and features.


Our fitness channel is loaded with fitness, health and nutrition content from Mike Furci. Check out the channel and immerse yourself to start towards a healthier lifestyle and improved body. Our latest fitness content can be found in the Fitness category in our new magazine format.


Over the years we've covered all the major sports and have been on location for many sporting events. Our latest sports content can be found in the Sports category in our new magazine format.

The Opposite SexThe Opposite Sex

We've worked with beautiful models from all over the world to create some amazing glamour photography. Our original photography can be seen in channels such as Featured Models, Girl Next Door, Glamour Girls, Blast from the Past, Hollywood Girls, World Tour and more. Our latest babe content can be found in the Models category in our new magazine format.

Dating ChannelDating

Our dating channel covers all types of dating resources and tips, from online dating to dating articles and advice. Our latest dating content can be found in the Dating category in our new magazine format.


Movie night is always a favorite, whether you're spending money at the theater or watching the latest blockbuster at home. We review new movies along with Blu-rays, DVDs and movies you can stream. See our extensive archive of movie reviews and Blu-ray/DVD reviews. Our latest movie content and reviews can be found in the Movies category in the new format.


Our extensive content includes show blogs, fan hubs, Blu-ray/DVD reviews and more. Our latest television content can be found in the TV category in our new magazine format.


We covered music for years on Bullz-Eye.com, with new music reviews, Deep Cuts, playlists and more. Check out our archive.


Over the years we've interviewed hundreds of actors, actresses, directors, celebrities, sports figures and other enterainers.

Celebrity BabesCelebrity Babes

We love beautiful celebrities and we've assembled hundreds of celebrity profile pages. Our latest celebrity babe content can be found in the Celebrities category in our new magazine format.

Check out this section for profiles of some of the more prominent entertainers of our time.

This channel features all sorts of videos, as we provide links to sexy videos, and funny videos and more.


You'll find hilarious videos and humor features like our Stand-Up Hall of Fame.


Most guys love to bet, whether it involves casino games in Vegas, online poker or placing some sports bets.

TCM Fest 2013Vices

Booze, babes, beer, parties, betting etc. This is how we have fun! Our latest Vices content can be found in the Vices category in our new magazine format.


Our lifestyle category is sort of a grab-bag for anything about men's lifestyle that didn't fit neatly into one of the other channels. Our latest lifestyle content can be found in the Lifestyle category in our new magazine format.

Food & DrinkFood & Drink

We cover everything from the best beers to ideas for your cookout.


A guy could go bankrupt with all the high-end gadgets and essential electronics that are available today. Our latest Gadgets content can be found in the Gadgets category in our new magazine format


We cover everything from athletic gear, sneakers, boots, bags, accessories and stylish clothes, which you can also find in our Stuff to Buy channel. Our latest gear content can be found in the Gear category in our new magazine format.


There's no shame in spending money to look good. Whether you need a clean shave or a new scent, the women in your life will appreciate the extra effort. Our latest grooming content can be found in the Grooming category in our new magazine format.


Bike reviews and more.

travel guideTravel

Our travel guide covers our many trips around the country and around the world, along with helpful city guides and other resources to help your travel experience. Our latest travel content can be found in the Travel category in our new magazine format.

Phil SovenRecreation

Whether you like something casual like shooting pool or something intense like snowboarding we have you covered!


Planning to upgrade your wardrobe? You can get great stuff online these days with the explosion of ecommerce.

GUIDES and reviews
Drink of the WeekDrink of the Week

Check out our weekly feature of cocktail recipes from Bob Westal, including classic drinks every guy should know and new creations. Our latest Drink of the Week cocktails can be found in the Drink of the Week tag in our new magazine format.

Beer ReviewsBeer Reviews

Mike Barkacs and other writers review beers for Bullz-Eye.

Benessere Wine Reviews
Gabe Sasso has been covering wine for Bullz-Eye for years. Our latest wine reviews can be found in the wine reviews tag in our new magazine format.

Cigar ReviewsCigar Reviews

Bob Hritsko reviewed many great cigars for Bullz-Eye over the years. Our latest cigars content can be found in the cigars tag in our new magazine format.

Grub for GuysGrub for Guys

Treat yourself to some of these recipes for food that guys will love. These are guilty pleasures!

City GuideCity Guides

We put together guides of hotels, nightlife and more for various cities around the world.


Includes book reviews and interviews with authors.


Check out our game reviews and more.

CONTENT features
On LocationOn Location

We travelled all over the country and all over the world covering everything from sporting events and movie sets to visiting distilleries and setting up photo shoots. This section has links to much of our coverage where we were on location.

2015 TV Power RankingsTV Power Rankings
Discover the best that TV has to offer with our annual Power Rankings, a list of our favorite shows on the air.
Dr. NoJames Bond Fan Hub
"Dr. No" was released in 1962, kicking off the most enduring franchise in movie history. James Bond quickly became an iconic character as the film producers developed and stuck with a reliable formula that featured beautiful babes, futuristic gadgets, hot sports cars, strange villains and exotic locations. Bond has enjoyed countless adventures over the years, all the while enjoying his "shaken, not stirred" martinis all over the world. We pay tribute to this iconic franchise by looking at each film one by one. .
Directors Hall of FameDirectors Hall of Fame

We inducted two classes into our Directors Hall of Fame with some of the greats including Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese.

Stand-Up Comics Hall of FameStand-Up Comics Hall of Fame

Eddie Murphy, Sam Kinison and three other legendary comics joined Eddie Murphy and Bill Hicks in our Stand-Up Hall of Fame.

TV GirlfriendsBullz-Eye's TV Girlfriends

We hand-selected 100 women from the last 40 years of television and put them into ten categories, based on personality type, career, intelligence (or lack thereof) and even marital status and picked the best of them.

Bullz-Eye's Badass BracketBullz-Eye's Badass Bracket

Who is the biggest badass in entertainment history? It's the kind of hypothetical that could keep a group of guys up until the wee hours of the morning. We set out to answer the question. Which badass ultimately prevailed?

MORE model channels
Featured ModelsFeatured Models

We've found some of the best glamour models in the world through the years for this channel.

Girl Next Door

Our girl next door section consisted of original photography of the kinds of beautiful women you see every day. Many of the girls we photographed were not professional models or just did modeling as a side hobby or job. These real girls of all types and shapes and sizes were often the most popular part of the website.

Glamour Girls

More beautiful women who love to model. This section features more original photography.

MORE archived content

More channels include Golf, Finance, Careers and more.

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