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Guys usually don’t like weddings, but honeymoons are a different story. While the wedding is mostly for the bride, the honeymoon is for both of you, and usually involves tropical locales, doing it, relaxing resorts, doing it, beautiful scenery, doing it, adventurous wildlife excursions and, oh yeah, doing it. What everyone wants out of their honeymoon is different, but these articles about honeymoons should appeal to anyone looking to find out some more honeymoon info, or just want a quick laugh at other people’s honeymoon misfortunes.

Honeymoon Ideas and Tips

Space Love
Nerds need love too, and these two nerds will celebrate their wedding where no man has before, in outer space aboard Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic Spaceline in 2009. Read their geektastic story here.

Plan a Smooth Honeymoon
You’re a guy, and unlike your bride to be you really don’t want to spend week after week going over countless honeymoon travel packages in an effort to find the perfect trip. Save yourself some hassle by reading this short and informative article that lists some simple tips you should keep in mind while looking for a honeymoon spot and make that long search for the perfect post-wedding lovespot a little easier

Honeymoon Planning List
If you need some more advice on planning a honeymoon this short and easy-to-read list honeymoon tips should be right up your alley. Between these two articles you have no excuse if your dream vacation turns into a nightmare that resembles outtakes from Hostel.

Honeymooners Review Guide
All the expert advice in the world can’t match some real honest opinions from actual honeymooners. At this website you can search for various honeymoon locales and read reviews from people who have already been there. It’s a great way to find out real information about the places you are interested in. They also have pictures of chicks in swimsuits, which is nice for a quick distraction.

Travel Channel - Honeymoons
The TV guys have some great tips and resources.

Green Honeymoons
If you’re big into environmental causes (or just faking it so you can get some hot hippie action) then you’ll probably be interested in this article on “green” weddings and honeymoons. Their honeymoon advice includes tips on how to properly observe wildlife with damaging it and simple ways to help contribute to the area you are visiting.

Honeymoon Horror Stories

George Clooney: Honeymoon Killer
The moral of this story seems to be ‘avoid George Clooney at all costs’ but I wouldn’t need a near fatal helicopter trip to learn that lesson, I saw Ocean’s Twelve.

Zombie Honeymoon
Finally a movie with the word “honeymoon” in the title that guys can get behind! Zombie Honeymoon tells the touching story of a couple of newlyweds on the honeymoon of their dreams, until the young groom gets bit by a mysterious creature and turns into a flesh-eating zombie. Did their vows say anything about “till undeath you part”? Visit the movie’s official site to check out pics, trailers and find out where you can buy this oddball genre-defying flick.

Haunted Honeymoon
While this isn’t as crazy/awesome as a zombie-filled honeymoon, this real-life honeymoon ghost story is pretty out there. The only thing more nuts than a haunted honeymoon suite is that the couple staying there seemed to be totally cool with it.

Honeymoon: Over The Threshold
Nowadays guys usually turn into sex-crazed demons well before the honeymoon, but this funny short movie tells the story of a bride that finds out about her husband’s dark side right after she’s taken across the threshold, and how she manages to make the most of it.

Havanna Honeymoon Horrors
This blog is run by Tomas Estrada-Palma, the great grandson of Cuba’s first president Don Tomas Estrada-Palma. What does that have to do with honeymoons you ask? Well, Havanna remains a dream honeymoon location for many, but if this blog post is anything to be believed, then that might not be the best idea.

Honeymoon Guides for Guys

Hot Honeymoon Action Tips
If there is ever a night you might be struck with performance anxiety it would be the night of your honeymoon. This article from About.com covers all the basics that a honeymooner might want to know about sex on that big night, from the very basics for those of you who manage to wait until marriage to tips on lingerie and other ways to spice up things on your special night.

The Bride’s Guide To Great Honeymoon Sex
No gift says, “Honey, I love you” like the gift of hardcore pornographic videos. Of course, this video is really a gift for the guys out there because it supposedly teaches their brides-to-be how to satisfy their recently shackled mate. But it might be one of the only pornos you’ll be able to buy your girlfriend without her smacking you upside the head.

Adventures With Honeymoon Sex
Honeymoons have traditionally been about one thing and one thing only – hot steamy sex. This article from Groom’s Magazine doesn’t beat around the bush (pun intended) and gets straight to the good stuff, giving you plenty of ideas for naughty sexual escapades from the second you get on the plane (mile high club) to hotel’s five-star golf course (that grass sure is soft)!

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