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You can make a good trip even better if you find the perfect restaurant for each occasion. Check out our City Guides first, then check the sites below.

This site has had a huge impact on the restaurant market, with user-generated reviews for restaurants and other establishments in cities all over the world. The social media aspect has made this site very popular, as foodies and restaurant fans now have an outlet where others can actually see their reviews.

Recently there's been some controversy as some have alleged that Yelp favors advertisers when it comes to the reviews that are featured on the site. Yelp has vigoroulsy denied these charges, and you can read more about it in this interview with co-founder Jeremy Stoppelman in BusinessWeek.
This site helps you save money on great restaurants. Here you can find gifts certificates that you can purchase for friends or family at discounted prices or for yourself for big savings on great meals. You print out the certificate on your computer and you’re all set.
The well-known restaurant guide has gone online with a fantastic web site that contains reviews for over 40 cities. This site will quickly be adding additional cities. Membership is free and they encourage you to submit reviews.
This site offers comprehensive reviews of restaurants in 12,000 U.S cities. Unfortuately, the web site looks like it was last designed in 1998. Isn't it time for an update?

Fodor’s Restaurant Reviews
This index provides tools to search restaurants all over the world.
If you love food, you’ll love this site. It’s loaded with recipes, restaurant reviews and everything else relating to good food.

Michelin Guides
Unfortunately they have no information on the web other than a way to order their guide, but Michelin is one of the most respected names in restaurant reviews.

Restaurant Coupons and Gift Certificates - Restaurants
This site has a very convenient format for listing popular and current restaurant coupons and deals.
This site has a convenient search feature by zip code so you can find restaurant coupons in your area.


Are Interactive Restaurant Tables the Future?
The whole restaurant experience may be changing.

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