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If London is Europe’s New York City, Paris is its San Francisco. Widely considered the most beautiful city in all of Europe, Paris has a wealth of things to do, including world-renowned museums, restaurants, shopping and sights. The natives have a reputation for disliking Americans, and are very proud of their language, so ask if you can speak English first when addressing a stranger. If you know where to go and what to see, the Paris experience is truly one of the world’s best.

While it’s worthwhile to visit Paris with friends or even by yourself, the experience is best if you’re with someone special. Paris is considered by many to be the most romantic city in the world – it has been dubbed “The City of Light” - and with all of the wonderful restaurants and sights in the area, it’s easy to see why.

The city is also considered one of the culinary capitals of the world, and one could get lost trying to decide amongst the many choices. The beautiful décor and atmosphere of Paris restaurants are often a result of the city itself. Many exterior tables have gorgeous views of the Eiffel Tower, or of one of the other sites in the city.

Given the size of the city (~2.1+ M in the city, and 9.9 M in the entire metro area), it’s best to have some sort of plan about where to go and what to do. It can be a bit overwhelming making these types of decisions on the spur of the moment, so be sure to enter the city with a loose plan or itinerary.

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