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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is the audience for Bullz-Eye?

Men between the ages of 22 and 49.

Why those ages?

Why not? If you're under 22 years of age, your life hasn't even started yet. If you are over 49, your life is essentially over. Naturally, there are exceptions to the rule: If you're married your life is over regardless of age.

How do I know we share the same interests?

"If you like pina colodas, and getting caught in the rain". What do you mean same interests? We're guys. We like beautiful women, baseball, road trips, rock-n-roll, anything with a remote control, entertainment and ripping on each other. In relative terms: We'd shag Britney Spears, but date Scarlett Johansson. We consider "The Godfather", "Scarface," "Caddyshack" and "Animal House" classics. We love good food and want to know the best restaurants. We smoke cigars and drink Johnny Walker Red. We'd hang out with Bill Clinton; we just wouldn't let him meet our sister. We want the latest stock tips. We like Friday nights out on the town, Saturday afternoon at a sports bar, Saturday night out on a date, and Sunday morning on the golf course. We like playing poker with friends. We don't think Calista Flockhart is too thin. We think Howard Stern is a riot. We like hearing a good blues band. We love road trips and casinos. Morally, we land somewhere between Mother Theresa and the Unabomber. We believe people have freedoms and choices, but those are mostly personal decisions. We believe in working hard, not taking yourself too seriously, and enjoying your time here.

So you have created the avant-garde men's web site?

Yes, absolutely yes. It should be clearly obvious that is precisely what we have done. What does avant-garde mean?

How often should someone visit Bullz-Eye?

Bullz-Eye.com is updated daily (unless we have a hangover) so there is ALWAYS something new. Visit us whenever you like without any obligation. You see, we are in some ways better than your girlfriend. WE don't get angry at you for not spending time with us, forgetting our birthday, flirting in front of us at the company Christmas party, calling our sister fat instead of "big-boned", or making out with our best friend when it was clear to everyone in the bar that she was coming onto you.

How can users of Bullz-Eye.com help?

Help us help you. Contact us with any comments or ideas. In that way, the information will be current for other members. Also, check out our advertisers. That helps us maintain and update the Bullz-Eye site. If you would like to set up Bullz-Eye as your home page, a link to the directions for doing so is in the footer. If you like the site, tell your friends.

Where do you find your models?

Do you really think we would answer that? Do companies give out their trade secrets? Does Coke give out the secret formula? We don't think so.

What is the City Guide?

The City Guide is Bullz-Eye's answer to the traveling guy's question: What is there to do in this city? You are on a business trip and don't want to sit in your hotel room. Sure, you could always ask the concierge, but why risk it with a guy whose best night out in recent memory consisted of a bowling alley, three pitchers of Old Milwaukee and a 54 year-old redhead named Flo who could pick up the 7-10 split?

Bullz-Eye gives you trusted answers to the questions guys ask: What is the best restaurant when on the company's expense account? Where is a good happy hour to meet women? What is the nightlife like and what spots are the best? Where do I go to see Bullz-Eye editors in their night jobs? Where is the best public golf course and how do I make reservations? For vacationers, Bullz-Eye gives city tips on the best locations, hotel values and other items that cannot be found on any other site.

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