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A VIP vacation is like a regular vacation, but for Very Important People. Of course, when you go on vacation no one needs to know you aren’t Very Important in your office cubicle, so if you have the resources and the time, live it up with these amazing and luxurious VIP travel plans.

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The Secret Mansion in Costa RicaThe Secret Mansion in Costa Rica
November 2010

Costa Rica boasts incredible beaches and beautiful women, and the Secret Mansion in San Jose is the ultimate VIP experience.

Hob Nob With the stars

VIP Concierge
This unique site offers fun and exciting trips for those with looking for a vacation with a little bit of edge. Not only does VIP Getaways offer cruises and exclusive golf getaways, they can get you into the latest movie premieres, behind the scenes at your favorite TV show and even set up a dinner with you and…Woody Harrelson? Wow, that’s random.

Deals and Auctions

In addition to the standard travel deals, this luxury travel site also features auctions where you can bid on cruise tickets, hotel rooms and even more.

Baby Boomer Trips
Don’t let the odd, age-specific name fool you. This site offers plenty of deals on luxury trips to Bora Bora and other exotic destinations. They also feature a handy travel guide that features the latest deals from sites like Orbitz and Travelocity.

Luxury Link
Another travel site that has an auction page, this one even has auctions for vacations in exotic locations such as Africa, Asia and even Canada…don’t worry, they offer trips to Hawaii and tropical islands too.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Adventures Abroad
This adventure vacation destination offers a diverse set of vacation experiences year-round, from whitewater adventures to journeys into the winter wonderlands of Finland. They also offer family friendly adventures that are a little safer for the kids.

Trek America
Get back to nature and explore the wonder of America with the vacation packages available at Trek America. You can even take one of their transcontinental trips and explore the country from D.C. to L.A. Vacation plans are available for both adults and families, so if you’re looking to go with your significant other or some friends and don’t want to worry about some whiny brat sharing your trip, then you’re safe here!

Adventure Sports Holidays
Relaxing on vacation? That’s for wimps, man. At least, that seems to be the attitude at Adventure Sports Holidays, who offer some rather intense holiday experience, from paintball war getaways to trips that take you snowboarding on the Kilimanjaro! Check up on your life insurance policy before departing.

Custom Vacation Services

Lifetime Experiences
Ever seen that movie with Michael Douglas and Sean Penn, The Game? Well, this is like that, but without all the guns, lies and terror. This high, high-end vacation planning company will help you create a once-in-a-lifetime vacation experience based on your specific wants and desires.

Classic Vacations
Hawaii, Mexico and Tahiti are just some of the paradises that this luxury vacation travel agent offers. They also give you the option to meet with one of their travel specialists that can help customize your vacation to a tee. They can even schedule your tee-time!

Elite Vacations
This personal vacation service offers many of the same things that other sites do, but they feature locations that others do not, such as Southern Africa, Sri Lanka and even the United Arab Eremites. If you’re looking for a luxury experience in a more unique locale, than this might be the place for you.

Home Rentals

Luxurious Destinations
If you don’t want to sky dive, hike across a deserted mountain pass or snorkel on the coast of a private island and you just want to mill about and relax, then this is the site for you. Their luxurious homes for rent on the Hawaiian islands of Maui and Kauai will have you bumming around the house in style.

One Stop Shop

Responsible Travel

A one-stop shop for nearly all kinds of vacations, from ecotourism and adventure holidays, to family fun trips and honeymoons. The amount of available vacation locations available here is pretty amazing too, from the standard Hawaii and Caribbean, to the Middle East and even Antarctica.

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