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Surprise! Las Vegas has great strip clubs! Not only are there tons of beautiful women who move to Vegas to prursue this noble profession, but many dancers from all around the country and the world travel to Vegas for the weekend or several weeks just to work in these establishments.

Like everything else in Vegas, the gentlemen's club business has been exploding, with many new clubs having been added over the past ten years. Certainly this is a good thing, but there are now so many clubs that the talent level has been diluted, though it's still very high. Five years ago the best clubs were packed with centerfold-caliber dancers, but now the 10's are spread out among more clubs. That said, Vegas is invaded by strippers every weekend so there's plenty of talent.

We've listed our some of our favorites below, and you really can't go wrong at any of them, depending on the type of place you prefer. Hopefully, our descriptions will help you get a feel for the differences between them. All of the clubs listed below are topless. Most of the all-nude clubs in Vegas, especially the Palomino, are overrated!

Keep in mind that many clubs pay cab drivers to steer patrons to their clubs, so be skeptical when cabbies push you to go somewhere. Don't get us wrong, cabbies are the best source of information sometimes in Las Vegas, but just understand that some of them are looking for a payment over your best interests.

The lap dance experience is Vegas is usually expensive, but depending on the club they can be quite fun.

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Spearmint Rhino
We have to admit we're very pleased with this recent addition to the Las Vegas strip joint scene. As the other places have slipped in quality, the Rhino has become one of the hottest places in town. They have tons of dancers and most of them are very hot. The atmosphere is generally fun and it can get pretty wild if you find the right girl. They go a little overboard on the "VIP" angle, but everyone can enjoy the place.

Sapphire Gentlemen's Club
This place is huge. Sometimes you feel like you're in a warehouse. The benefit is that they have tons of girls, so if you're picky you can browse for hours before getting a dance. Our experiences have been spotty - sometimes awesome, sometimes underwelming. You can't go wrong here so it's always a solid option.

The popular New York strip club is now branching out by licensing the name.

Crazy Horse 3
Crazy Horse Too was onf of our favorites. It was huge and usually had great talent, and the atmosphere was a little darker than some of the other clubs and the table dances were hard-core. In fact, everything about this place was hard-core. We would have dared you to try to make it out of the VIP room with more than change left in your pockets. It was definitely one of the must-see establishments one the Vegas stripper tour in its heydey.

The Library Las Vegas
This place is formerly the iconic Cheetah's in Las Vegas. It has a great party atmosphere and the talent is very good, though not as consistent some others. The dances are great and they're even better in the VIP room. The movie "Showgirls" was filmed here, though extensive renovations have been made since then. We haven't visited in a while, so we're not sure about the current state of this spot.

Huslter Club
Another solid option.

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