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If you’re traveling to one of the cities listed in’s City Guide, check out our hotel recommendations for that city. If you need more information, the sites below should be helpful. You can also get our latest travel content on our blog.

Our latest travel content can be found in the Travel category in our new magazine format. Archived travel content can be found in the travel section on our blog.

They're becoming one of the big dogs in this category. Lately they're pushing hotels reviews from their staff.

This new site is sort of like the Kayak for hotels as they claim to have the most listings out there as they collect deals from other sites.
The deals on this site for hotels, airfare and car rentals are sometimes truly amazing. allows you to search for hotels, flights and car rentals by location and date, but certain details are not disclosed until you book the item. For example, for hotels you'll know the general location of the hotel, like Mid-Town or the East Village in New York, the amenities and the star ranking. When you do a search you'll usually have plenty of options, and you'll often find a deal that meets your needs. This site works best for hotels and car rentals. Good flights without wacky departure times or connections are harder to find.
After checking the sites listed above and other sites from our Travel Web Guide, it's always a good idea to try If you find a great flight for $250, you can always try to bid even less, say $150, on Priceline. The other sites provide a gauge of what Priceline might accept. If they decline your bid, they sometimes give you a hint on a counter-offer you can make that would be accepted, like maybe $220 in this example. It's worked for us, so give it a try. Also, their service continues to improve. If you book a flight with them, you'll immediately receive an e-mail on a successful bid you could submit for a car rental, and our experience has been that these suggestions provide great deals. - Hotels
Great travel site with hotel bookings.
This site has links to over 75,000 hotels around the world along with links to all of the major hotel chains. You can book your room online and search for hotels that fit your criteria and price range. This site also has useful travel information regarding airlines and rental cars.

Accomodation Search Engine
If you’re looking for a hotel, this site will help you find one by conducting a search based on criteria that you provide.

Fodor’s Hotel Finder
If you’re looking for recommendations, check here. It covers a limited number of cities, but the descriptions are thorough and well written.

Gentlemen of Today - Luxury Hotels
This luxury site for men features reviews and profiles of luxury hotels around the world. If you're looking for the finer things, check this site out.
User reviews of hotels around the country.
More user reviews.


The Best New Hotels in the World: 2021 Hot List
For the 25th edition of the Hot List—Condé Nast Traveler’s picks of the year's top hotel and industry openings—these 69 winners represent the best of the best.

15 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Redeeming Hotel Points
Here's what not to do when redeeming hotel points, according to an expert.

Hotels Chains

Morgans Hotel Group
If you want a trendy, upscale hotel, these hotels fit the bill. From the Clift in San Francisco, to the Delano in South Beach and the Mondrian in LA.

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