Admit it: you don't want to work. Everyone knows it, even your boss. It's cool. So stop pretending and start interacting! Bullz-Eye Interactive is here to help you waste away another work day or just fill those vast expanses of nothingness in your life with something meaningful and profound.

Above, you'll see a gallery full of creations from our "Meet My New Girlfriend" e-card creator, where users can mix their own photos of themselves or friends with images of some of our beautiful models. Always wanted to date a model? Here's your chance...kind of. You'll also find ready-to-send insult e-cards above, a collection of unique creations designed by Bullz-Eye users to insult, degrade, ridicule and otherwise humiliate their enemies, friends and family. You can simply click on and send an e-card in the above gallery or, if you're feeling imaginative, you can click below to personalize your own brilliant production with our Meet My New Girlfriend or Insult E-Card creators, or one of our other e-card applications.

And be sure to check back regularly for updates and additions to Bullz-Eye Interactive!

Create Your Own!

You've finally found love and you don't care who knows it! Or, at the very least, you've found hot pictures of some of our best models and you want everyone to see a photo of you with someone who's totally out of your league. Hey, we get it!

Ripping on your friends never gets old. Now it's time to step up your game and insult your buddies virtually. You know he's a tool -- make sure he knows it too.

Cinco de Mayo may be months away, but that doesn't mean you can't send out pictures of beer, Latin babes and sombrero-wearing dogs!