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Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman began a new age of auto innovation and design when he created the Lotus Engineering Company in 1952. Chapman, a racing enthusiast, kept his business small-time and part-time, only making 100 models of his first production series car over two years, the Mark 6. Lotus entered the racing scene in 1954, driving custom-built aluminum cars, meant to be as light and powerful as possible.

Since her inception, Lotus has changed hands a number of times and was most recently acquired by Malaysian auto manufacturer, Proton. Today’s Exige and Elise models are uniquely designed and extremely powerful continuing the Lotus tradition of road-ready racers.

Sites worth visiting

The USA homepage for Lotus has a sleek design to match the cars. They also feature a community section with scads of local Lotus clubs and auto shows to browse. This is one of the best official homepages on the web. 

Lotus on Wikipedia
Our friends at Wikipedia always do a great job of providing virtual tons of information. With a car-list organized by production year and links to the individual engines used in various Lotus models, this is an excellent resource for any Lotus fan. 

Group Lotus PLC
Homepage to the Lotus parent company, you’ll find links for Lotus racing and the Lotus Engineering division on this site. Racing team, car manufacturer, and engineering consultant? Yup, Lotus does it all. 

Around the Blogosphere

Lotus at Autoblog
Autoblog never disappoints. Their dedicated Lotus page has all of the latest info, pics, and rumors your heart could possibly desire. Is there a new Lotus supercar in the works?  Read on. 

Follow That Lotus
The Sussex County police just got themselves a Lotus Exige, and they created a blog all about it. Follow the kitted-out cruiser around Sussex county as their men in blue preach a road safety message to the young and the reckless. 

Community Sites

Lotus, Ltd.
As North America’s largest Lotus club, this site connects members to other Lotus enthusiasts in a big way. With forums, photo galleries, events calendars, and their own classified section, this is your one-stop shop for other Lotus geeks. 

Elise Talk
Discuss your little roadster here. These forums are plenty active and full interesting news and performance posts, and the members are friendly to boot!

Pure Sports Car
Another excellent Elise community, this site has a set of reference links for the others to envy. With dealer locators, Elise news, purchasing guides, and your standard FAQs and pics, they have just about everything you could ask for. Drop by the “1st Gear” thread and introduce yourself. 

Recent News

The Sussex Police Cruiser
Here’s the news release about the Sussex cruiser from our blog section. Makes you wish you were on the force, doesn’t it?

Supercharged Exige Hits the US
Just over 2000 pounds and 220 horses, it’s no wonder Lotus enthusiasts are overjoyed. You better get on a wait list if you want to be at the wheel when they hit the streets.

Lotus Unveils EVE
Lotus unveiled the EVE hybrid earlier this year at the Geneva Motor Show. The vehicle is designed to use new technology as an add-on to older models, effectively reducing CO2 emissions and petrol consumption. Not exactly the need for speed, but going green never hurt anybody.

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