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When he was 10 years old, Enzo Ferrari saw his very first car race in Bologna, Italy. From that day forward, he was obsessed with the auto industry and the racing world. After spending 20 years working for, and on the circuit with Alfa Romeo, Ferrari left with a vision of a 12-cylinder engine for both the track and the road. On March 2, 1947 Enzo himself drove the first 125S out of the factory, and into history.

The Ferrari name is one of the most well known and highly regarded in the industry. Renowned for elegance in design and brilliance in engineering, few cars match the raw power and beauty of those that bear the Prancing Horse emblem.

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Ferrari Videos went to Frankfurt to check out the world's largest auto show. Here we check out the Ferrari booth and the 458 Spider Retractable Hard Top.

Ferrari Websites
The official homepage to the Modena, Italy manufacturer has everything you’d expect. From racing news to road specifications, this is the hub of official Ferrari info. They’ve even got a link to their store for the enthusiast in you.

Ferrari on Wikipedia
The go-to resource for an overview of the Ferrari company. The Ferrari page on Wikipedia has our favorite little auto timelines, showcasing the development of the Ferrari line since incorporation. The page also features a breakdown of car models by type, including subdivisions for 2-seaters, mid-engine 12-cylinders, supercars, and more.

Ferrari Club of America
Boasting over 5,000 members, the Ferrari Club of America is the largest Ferrari owners’ club in the world. These guys hold events throughout the year and offer support through regional officers in the US and Canada.


Official site.

Car and Driver - Ferrari
The folks here know their sports cars.

Dashboard News - Ferrari
Get the latest developments at Ferrari and other premium car brands at this auto blog.

Ferrari at Autoblog
The guys at Autoblog are always on top of the newest information to hit the presses. With regular posts from press releases to videos, check here to confirm the rumors you’ve been hearing.

Gentlemen of Today - Ferrari
Luxury site for men.

Ferrari Community Sites

Ferrari Life
With minimal ads and maximum info, this is one of the best Ferrari forums on the net. With threads for new owners, general discussion, and classic models, they’ve gotten plenty of posts for anyone with an interest.

Ferrari Chat
Another excellent online community, this site has some great regional threads. The forums members are both active and friendly, making it a great place to stop by on your lunch break or browse on the weekends.

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