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You don’t have to be a double-0 agent to appreciate an Aston Martin. Based in Warwickshire, England, Aston Martin has been tailoring incredible cars to her customer’s specifications for over 90 years. The company derived the name from one of the founders’ names, Lionel Martin, and the success they enjoyed at the Aston Hill climb in 1914.

Like many other exclusive brands, Aston Martin has changed hands several times since inception. They were most recently purchased in March, 2007 by a consortium of Aston Martin enthusiasts and investors, including Prodrive chairman David Richards. Aston Martin vehicles continue to appear in new Bond films, including the 2006 Casino Royale.

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Aston Martin
The official Aston Martin site has a sleek design and some great general info. Power, beauty, and soul, this is what Aston Martin is all about. Be sure to check out the company section for a historical timeline and a look at what makes them so unique.

Aston Martin on Wikipedia
Wikipedia’s Aston Martin entry is focused on the brand’s rotating ownership over the past century. This page has some excellent shots of classic models, and a short breakdown of movie appearances for the marquee.
This site is one of the most comprehensive fan sites we’ve ever found. They have pictures of virtually every Aston Martin to date, including a detailed history of each model. The site also features a guide to Aston Martin factories across England. This is a must-read.

Aston Martin at Autoblog
The guys at Autoblog manage to catch all the news that is news, Aston Martin not withstanding. Get pics and reviews from the latest car shows, or just keep pace with the newest Aston news.

Gentlemen of Today - Aston Martin
This men's lifestyle site covers luxury brands such as Aston Martin.

Dashboard News - Aston Martin
Check out this auto blog for the latest on Aston Martin.

Community Sites

Aston Martin Owners Club
For 70 years the Aston Martin Owners Club has been holding events and connecting both owners and enthusiasts around the world. Based in England, this auto group has their own publication, which looks pretty incredible. Be sure to have a look in their forums.

Aston Martin at 6speedonline
The forums at 6speedonline are some of the most active Aston forums on the web. Check in here for modification discussion and answers to any of your questions.

Aston Martin Life
This forum has a limited member base, but the posters are all friendly. If you’re looking to join a start-up community, get involved here. They sport a nice, clean site and a helpful atmosphere.


Historic Factory Set to Close
Earlier this year, Aston Martin announced plans to close a historic factory in Newport Pagnell. The factory is one of the oldest in the Aston Martin company, and used to produce the V12 Vanquish.

Aston Martin DBS Superleggera special edition celebrates 50th Bond Film Anniversary
Fifty spectacular Aston Martin DBS Superleggera special editions are now available for car collectors and James Bond fans with a lot of discretionary income.

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