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Blogs can be a great source of opinion pieces, reviews and news reports on damn near anything. So it only makes sense that there are countless blogs dedicated to the automotive industry, with more popping up everyday. With far too many of the consisting simply of “[insert brand name here] sucks!” rants, these are the cream of the crop, the Shelby Mustangs of the car blog world.

Auto Blog
A great all-purpose car blog with news, pics and the latest information about all kinds of cars. Updated many times a day, this is a great blog for the car news addict as well as people in the car industry. It’s very professional and dry though, so if you want some laughs with your car news, look elsewhere.

Dashboard News
New car blog covering auto news, new car reviews, green trends in the auto industry, auto racing and much more.
Great blog covering factory tuners, high-performance autos and exotic cars. Look for great photography and daily updates.

Cars Cars Cars
A car news blog with a seriously wicked sense of humor, Cars Cars Cars splices in pictures of mechagodzilla, insane rants about damn near anything and nifty little opinion pieces comparing car companies to Chuck Norris – all while still being very informative. Even if you don’t like cars this is a blog to check out, it’s funny as hell.

The Truth About Cars
Heavy on editorials about current trends in the automotive industry and filled with informative reviews on the latest cars to come out of the factory, The Truth About Cars lives up to its name. Cold hard facts and brutal opinions combine in this blog that will please visitors who want informed opinions on cars and the industry as a whole.

Drive Mojo
This car news blog has less actual opinion and news pieces and instead gives its visitors links to all the latest car news on the web. While not as obviously informative as Auto Blog or Cars Cars Cars, Drive Mojo is a good place to go for some quick car news and informative links.

The Auto Prophet
He doesn’t predict the future of the automotive industry, but this car blog is written from the unique perspective of an anonymous car engineer. A surprisingly good combination of silly posts (the recent post entitled “Motorcycle Porn” leaps to mind) and in-depth opinion pieces and news articles on gas prices and sales trends (complete with graphs for us lazy farts) help make this one of the best and most entertaining car blogs on the web.

German Car Blog
This blog is all about Spanish mopeds...just kidding. Obviously this is a blog dedicated to German cars. If you are into the finely tuned machines from the land of kraut and...well, less pleasant things, then this is the site for you.

Hybrid Car Blog
There are eight blogs at that are dedicated to the whole world of gas/electric transportation, and this link will introduce you to all of them. From the world’s first hybrid taxi driver, to powerful people in the biz whom choose to remain anonymous, this site has hybrid cars covered from all angles.

Wrecked Exotics
Want a Lamborghini but can’t afford it? Want to see the prick that can afford it total it and nearly die? Then check out this priceless picture blog that’s nothing but pics and videos of smashed up cars, usually exotic high-priced cars at that. Nearly all the pics were taken after the bodies were removed too, so don’t worry about shots of mangled bodies and strewn guts ruining your fun. - Automotive
This excellent gadget blog has an excellent automotive section. Check it out!

Carbuzz covers all the latest car news and isn't afraid to give an opinion, unlike other sites who just re-hash press releases they give their verdict! They also regularly do controversial editorial articles, infographics and find some of the best car related news from around the world.

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