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In 1922, William Lyons founded the Swallow Sidecar Company to make sidecars for his motorcycles. Little did he know the company would progress to aviation during World War II, and eventually become one the world’s premier automotive brands. As many early manufacturers did, Jaguar would change hands several times over the past eight decades. Ford purchased the English carmaker in a deal that closed in 1990, and recently Ford sold the Jaguar brand to Tata Motors.

Ford struggled to achieve profitability and overcome the reliability issues the plagued the carmaker in the early 90’s. It will be interesting to see how the Jaguar briand does under Tata Motors and in the new car industry environment.

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Sites worth visiting

Amidst the turmoil of the company sale, the Jaguar site will continue to provide a place to explore your model of choice. Build your own Jag or find the best pre-owned vehicles available, all certified by the manufacturer.

Jaguar on Wikipedia
The Jaguar page on Wikipedia may be short, but it includes plenty of great information, including the history of the brand and developments in the ongoing sale. The page also sports some excellent pictures of historical Jaguar models. Be sure to check the additional pages for Jaguar’s proprietary engines.

Jaguar at Autoblog
You can bet our friends at Autoblog have been following Ford’s selling frenzy quite closely. They’ll keep you up to date on the very latest sale developments without sacrificing any news of the manufacturer’s continued efforts to produce the very best luxury vehicles. Can the XF save the brand? These guys will let you know.

Dashboard News - Jaguar
Follow the news around the new Jaguar and see if it propers as part of Tata Motors. - Jaguar
With the Jaguar brand being reinvigorated, this exotic car blog will have plenty to discuss about the new Jaguar.

Community Jaguar Sites

Jaguar Clubs of North America
With a list of Jaguar clubs around the country and their own forums, this a great site for long-time jag fans and recent converts alike. They also publish the Jaguar Journal, the oldest Jaguar magazine around.

Jaguar Forums
This is a young forum, which focuses mostly on the X-Type models. They could certainly use some of you history buffs to expand their forums for Jaguar’s legacy models.

Jag-Lovers is one of the oldest Jaguar fan sites on the web. They started in 1996, centered on discussion lists. They have since evolved into forums, and although they are cluttered, their message boards hold more than a decade worth of posts.

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