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Sure, we all like shiny tricked out cars that can go 0-200 mph in 0.6 seconds, but safety is important too. Seriously, it is. Quit laughing! Think about how you drive for a second. Ever speed down in the highway, late for work, eating a breakfast burrito while talking on your cell phone and clicking through your iPod looking for your favorite Duran Duran track (their cover of “White Lines”)? I thought you did. So look through these articles about car safety and wear your seatbelt for Christ’s sake!

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Safety ratings for cars
IIHS tests evaluate two aspects of safety: crashworthiness — how well a vehicle protects its occupants in a crash — and crash avoidance and mitigation — technology that can prevent a crash or lessen its severity.

Car safety Guide - Consumer Reports
Safety remains a top concern for new-car shoppers, and fortunately, today’s modern cars offer more occupant protection and crash avoidance technologies than the typical model being traded in. But not all cars are equal; there are clearly those models that perform better in our dynamic tests, as well as crash tests conducted by the government and insurance industry.

You can’t mention automobile safety without mentioning Volvo. While other automakers have caught up to them in recent years when it comes to their employment of safety features, when people think safe cars they think Volvo.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
This site created by the Department Of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration makes finding out safety information about your car incredibly convenient and easy with a series of pull-down menus that will have your getting the facts on your vehicle in just a few seconds. You can also find valuable information on child safety seats, rollover prevention and much more at this informative and easy-to-navigate site.

Teen Safe Driver
Are you a concerned parent who values their teens safety and their own overdeveloped sense of authority more than civil rights and the basic human right of privacy? Then do the people of the Teen Safe Driver Program have the product for you! In just 30 minutes you can have a system installed in your teenagers’ car that will track all the ‘risky’ behavior they partake in when on the road. This video is then assessed by trained professionals (in voyeurism?) and detailed reports are made available to the parents. Its like the Patriot Act with mini-vans.

Cars Direct Safety Research
There are more than just nine basic safety features though, and as cars become more and more technologically advances the more out-there and high-tech the safety features are going to get. This detailed piece from Cars Direct lists the various multitude of car safety features that are out there and just what they do.


6 Ways to Upgrade Your Car’s Safety Features
There’s nothing wrong with driving an older car. In fact, it shows a certain level of fiscal responsibility by not making a move to upgrade every couple of years. However, one benefit to swapping out your vehicle is getting the latest and greatest safety technology available on the market. Although, if you don’t want to upgrade your car, you can still upgrade its safety features. Keep reading below for six ways you can upgrade your car’s safety features without buying a new car.

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