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Going green typically means going slow. The hybrid cars of today use a gasoline/battery power synergy to deliver high mileage on lower emissions and usually lower power. That is, until Tesla.

Tesla Motors was founded in 2003 and funded by some of the biggest names in technology today. The debut model, the Tesla Roadster, is a fully electric car, requiring no gasoline whatsoever. Tesla was designed to break convention, so they engineered an electric sports car capable of a 125 mph top speed. Acceleration is even better, going from zero to sixty in just 4 seconds. Where you’d expect the screaming throttle of a 12-cylinder engine, there’s just the quiet hum of an electric motor.

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Tesla Motors
The Tesla Motors homepage has a sleek design focused on generating intrigue in prospective buyers. The company is already sold-out on 2008 models, so you’ll have to get on a waitlist if you plan to be driving one.

Tesla on Wikipedia
Wikipedia fills in the gaps from Tesla’s official homepage. Check here for information on the founding of the company and their current facility layout. This is a good place to see what Tesla Motors is like from a corporate standpoint.

How Stuff Works
Most car nuts know just what’s going on inside that beefy engine they love to push. With Tesla, things might be a little different. Get the heads up on Tesla tech. From charging to battery safety, this is the place to be.

Official Blog
The hi-tech minds at Tesla know how to treat their audience. They’ve got feature articles all about the Tesla experience.

Dashboard News - Tesla
Tesla is one of the interesting and innovative car companies on the planet, so you can be sure to track the latest news about Tesla on Dashboard News.

sub5zero.com - Tesla
This car blog follows all the sexy new cars, so check here for great Tesla coverage.

Gentlemen of Today - Tesla
Tesla now dominates the luxury EV market and this luxury blog will cover the story.

Community Sites

Tesla Motors Club
Being that the car isn’t even on the streets, you want find your typical forum topics here. Instead, get in on some of the speculation surrounding the drivetrain, gear-shifting, and future model lineups.

Electric Auto Association
If you’re interested in supporting the electric auto movement, you should definitely be here. These folks are dedicated to promoting the cause worldwide. Get into your local chapter to learn some more and spread the good news.

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