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In 1947 brothers Spencer and Maurice Wilks designed the very first Land Rover for the British carmaker, Rover. The vehicle was designed to cover land of which no other military vehicle was capable. The original Rover sported a short wheelbase, tight front and rear overhangs, and a four-wheel drive system to handle rugged terrain. She was an instant success, and would set a high standard for the future of the brand.

Land Rover, like many luxury marques, has changed hands several times, most recently purchased from BMW by Ford, and then sold by Ford along with Jaguar to Tata Motors. Land Rover has struggled recently with quality, and has been ranked lowest in several initial quality surveys.

Sites worth visiting

Land Rover
Are you adventurous? While many Land Rovers won’t see more adventure than suburban streets, the official Land Rover page invites you to dream about your Rover off the beaten path. They have all of the retail flair you’d expect, but the company page explores the history of a brand known for rugged durability.

Land Rover at Wikipedia
The Land Rover page at Wikipedia offers an extensive look at every aspect of the Land Rover brand. The page has in-depth coverage of the brand’s military exploits, history, and quality drawbacks.

Around the Blogosphere

Land Rover at Autoblog
While the large majority of Land Rover news today is tied to the imminent sale, our friends at Autoblog won’t miss anything in the meantime. They cover every development of the brand with exclusive pictures and videos to boot.

Land Rover at Motor Trend
The Land Rover blog at Motor Trend keeps an eye on the latest retail and rugged developments alike. From the driverless challenge to driving the streets of New York, this is the place to keep current on Rover news.

Community Sites

Land Rovers Only
10,000 seems to be the magical number at which an established forum continues to thrive as a helpful community. These guys are well above that threshold, and make for an informative community for any Land Rover enthusiast.

Land Rover Repair Forums
If you’ve ever taken your Rover off-road, you know what a beating she can take. Even city vehicles require plenty of upkeep, and who doesn’t like to get his hands dirty on his own vehicle. This forum has all of the support you’ll need to make repair day a success.

Land Rover Owner International
If you’re looking to connect with one of the most well-known, worldwide brand communities, this is the place for you. With news exclusives, forums, and picture galleries, we’d be shocked if you couldn’t find the information you need here.

Recent News

Land Rover Concept Shots Found
There has been speculation surrounding the new Land Rover concept since a company teaser this past September. New images are circulating the web concerning the coupe SUV, but no one seems to know its name. Check out the pics at Edmunds.

Designing in 3-D
While the future for Jaguar and Land Rover remains to be seen, the companies are investing heavily in it. They are creating a state of the art design center, which will include the capability to view designs digitally, in 3-dimensional space. The facility is focused on eliminating the need to create scale models of each individual design.

Dalai Lama’s Land Rover Auction
Yes, you read that correctly. The Dalai Lama will be auctioning off his 1966 Land Rover to raise funds for the Dalai Lama Foundation. You can do your part, and own a piece of history, by purchasing his peacefulness’ ride.

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