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I finally tried skin care products

I'm in my mid-30s and I have to say that I have never used skin care products for my face. It's not that there is anything wrong with it. I just didn't see the point. I'm basically a typical, low-maintenance guy -- I usually get ready each morning in less than half an hour (including shower). All of the soap, shampoo and after-shave I use is off-the-shelf stuff that you can find at your local drugstore.

I was finally convinced to try some skin care products, specifically the 3-Step Pack which includes a Deep Cleaning Face Scrub, Vitamin Enriched Shave Cream and Rejuvenating Moisture Cream.

Frankly, I was blown away by the results. I really didn't notice how dry my face was getting until I tried these products. Now my skin feels cleaner and healthier, and it actually feels like I'm doing something to take care of it. They say guys look more distinguished as they get older and start to wrinkle up a bit, but I'm not quite ready to sport that look just yet.

Face Scrub

This stuff is pretty cool. As you apply it to your face in the shower, it feels gritty and you can feel it taking the dead skin off you face. It will feel totally different than the soap you're used to using. If you're younger and you're trying to clear up your face, the first step is always keeping your face clean, removing the dead cells and opening up your pores. This stuff will help. For the rest of us, it's the important first step in taking care of your skin.

Shave Cream

This is probably the most unique product in the 3-Pack. It doesn't have the same foamy texture or harsh detergents as the drug and grocery store brands. It's also fortified with vitamins and Aloe Vera, so it not only feels good on your face but my guess is that it's much better for your skin.

Moisture Cream

This product sealed the deal for me. Any time you shave, you're going to want some kind of after-shave to make your face feel better. The Rejuvenating Moisture Cream does just that. Your face will feel cool and refreshed as soon as you apply the cream, and then for the rest of the day your face will feel great. That's because the cream will hydrate your face without making it look or feel oily. After you begin using it on a daily basis, you'll feel different because your skin will feel better. This stuff will help reduce premature signs of aging so you can put off going with the old, distinguished look.

Imagine how much better this is than using the off-the-shelf store brands. For those of you who live up North, you know how dry your skin can get in the winter. This stuff helps. You look better and feel better.

Surprisingly, the price for this stuff is comparable to many of the over-the-counter skin care products. Check out the 3-Step Pack special at You'll thank me for it.

~Jack Boulder

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