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We often debate what is worse: The thought of colon cancer or the procedure used to determine if you have it. Don't let the thought of your first digital rectal exam keep you up at night. Instead, probe (pun intended) the sites below for information on rectal exams. Maybe reading about the procedure will help ease your fears. Probably not, but what have you got to lose? Oh yeah, one other thing. If you find yourself smiling during the exam, then you ought to be visiting sites dedicated to alternative lifestyles. 

Mike Furci General Health Articles

If you're interested in learning more about nutrition, check out the columns from's Fitness Editor, Mike Furci. Whether you're into bodybuilding or just improving your health and appearance, Mike's articles can help you cut through the bull and achieve your goals.

Did You Know...
Mike offers research, trends and other info to help with your fitness, health and nutritional needs in his "Did you know..." column. In this installment Mike examines cold and flu precautions, the health risks associated with soy protein, and obesity.

Stretching, is it necessary?
Proponents argue that stretching prevents injuries, diminishes delayed onset muscle soreness and improves athletic performance.  Opponents argue that stretching can actually cause injury, and does nothing to improve performance or delayed onset muscle soreness.  So what are we to do? Should we or should we not stretch?  Let this article sift through the biased muck to improve your health as well as your workouts. 

General Health Web Guide
The Cleveland Clinic, which is one of the largest and most respected hospitals in the country, has a website that is just as credible.  This award winning website was created for the benefit of its patients, the general public and health care professionals.  The information posted on this site is based on the latest research and national treatment standards.  If you need to chat with a health educator; learn about a disease; research treatments or innovations; this site has it all.
The tag line for this excellent web site is "Dare to Change Your Life." A healthy lifestyle is a choice, and it's necessary for each of us to make that choice on our own. Then, it's a matter of living that healthy lifestyle. LIVESTRONG is all about maximizes your health.
This site provides valuable health information and tools for managing your health. WebMD brings award-winning expertise in medicine, journalism and health content to provide the best information possible.
The popular magazine for men has lots of useful resources on their web site devoted to health issues affecting men.
Get the latest medical news and health information, and discover how to prevent disease and optimize your health. Get the latest health and nutritional news as it happens on Mercola’s health blog, updated daily. Along with 1.3 million others, you can receive the FREE Mercola email health newsletter loaded with health and wellness information.

Nutrition and Metabolism
In the U.S. cardiovascular disease is the number one killer: The incidence of diabetes is at record highs: 2/3rds of Americans are overweight and a 1/3 are obese. It’s more important than ever to have access to as much valid and reliable information as possible.  Nutrition and Metabolism is a site dedicated to providing research and information to help solve the problems of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease through a proper diet.

Men’s Fitness
Popular men’s magazine featuring fitness advice, lifestyle articles, tips on sex and much more.

New York Times - Health
This is naturally an excellent source for the latest news on health, with all sorts of great articles on the subject.
This blog is for consumers of health care and medical services - meanign everybody!

News & Notes

Pregnancy facts for women
Some new moms lose baby weight quickly while others need to work a little harder at it. Here are some tips.

Best Fitness Magazines
A selection of the best fitness mags.

Women's Health
A collection of health resources to keep your woman as fit as you are.

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