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…all the actual data and medical studies on healthy individuals (adults) show no conclusions that physiological replacement doses of testosterone or other anabolic steroids are dangerous or cause side effects that do not reverse with cessation? Moreover, in males who maintain physiological high normal levels, there appears to be health-promoting benefits associated with steroids. All the evidence contradicts the anti-steroid media blitz that started in the 80’s and continues today.

Approximately 25 years ago, Dr. Bob Goldman took a ride on the media feeding frenzy train and wrote a book, “Death in the Locker Room.” This book puts steroids in the same class with alcohol and other recreational drugs as far as the dangers of usage. Since its release and despite the enormous increase in their use and dosage, there has not been one death attributable to steroids. (Planet Muscle Aug/Sept 2008: 72)

…only when a muscle is contracting with the greatest possible force at any given moment is there maximum intensity? When you’re training in such a way that every rep of every set requires an absolute maximum effort, the duration of that workout must be and will be brief. High intensity muscular contraction, in other words, prevents a large number of such contractions.

So, maximum training intensity limits the duration of your training. What’s even more significant is that anything less than maximum intensity will result in less than optimal gains. (“High Intensity Training: The Mike Mentzer Way”)

...low testosterone levels are associated with heart disease, type II diabetes, bone and muscle loss, and decreased libido? An Australian study of 3,987 males looked at low T levels and its relationship to depression. Researchers found that men with low levels of free testosterone had a higher prevalence of depression. They recommend more research to determine whether there is a causal relationship between low T levels and depression. (Archive of General Psychiatry, 65(3):283-289)

...every year the NFL invites about 3% of approximately 10,000 college football players to participate in a series of tests called a combine? A combine is designed to assess the skills of promising college football players. These athletes give it their all in hopes of getting drafted and consequently being offered a pro contract. Although the tests used during the five days of the combine require skill and athleticism, its predictive value is in question.

The NFL uses the combine as a key element of the player-selection process. A recent study calls into question the validity of most of the exercises and suggests a significant amount of money is wasted. Researchers found combine skills clearly lack any meaningful predictive value of player performance, except for running backs and sprint times. One explanation the researchers give is the popularity of combine prep courses. Other than marketing claims, there is no research that shows any course improves combine performance. If they do, however, these programs could dilute performance differences. Unfortunately for the players being tested and team owners who write the checks, these improvements in combine skills do not transfer to athletic ability on the field. (Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research 2008;22(6))

...many doctors question treating cancer with chemotherapy? “The majority of the cancer patients in this country die because of chemotherapy, which does not cure breast, colon or lung cancer. This has been documented for over a decade and nevertheless doctors still utilize chemotherapy to fight these tumors.” (Allen Levine, MD, "The Healing of Cancer," Marcus Books, 1990)

Many people would be surprised to learn that treating cancer with chemo only has a five-year survival success rate of just 2% for all cancers. If not chemo, then what should one use to fight cancer? Dr. Mark Sircus, author of “Winning the War on Cancer,” Believes sodium bicarbonate is a natural form of chemo that effectively kills cancer cells without the side effects. Dr Simoncini’s experience has shown that 99% of breast and bladder cancer can heal in just six days, entirely without surgery, chemo or radiation. He’s done this using a local infiltration device, like a catheter, to deliver the sodium bicarbonate directly to the infected site.

Many chemo treatments include sodium bicarbonate to help patients’ kidneys, heart and nervous system. It’s been said that administering chemo without bicarbonate could possibly kill a patient on the spot. Could it be that any benefits seen administering chemo with baking soda are the result of baking soda, not the chemo?

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