Sexy Styles Of Oscar 2010 And Getting Your Girlfriend To Wear Them

Sexy Styles Of Oscar 2010 And Getting Your Girlfriend To Wear Them

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The stage is set for the 82nd Annual Academy Awards, and all eyes are on the red carpet and the styles that will incarnate this time.  Though it’s all about the awards, but the gorgeous faces and glamorous figures that catwalk down the famous carpet are no less of a delight to watch.

Fashion industry picks its trends from styles worn by fashion divas on this royal carpet. Women watch these charismatic actors with a hint of envy, and men ogle at the sexy female stars. We all are anticipating eagerly for the event to see which styles are going hit, and which ones are going to enter critic’s critic's laughter zone. If you are as crazy about Oscars as I am, I bet you haven’t forgotten Halle Berry’s dress at the 74th Academy Awards, and even in 77th Academy Awards. But it’s not just Halle Berry that I’m obsessed with- Nicole Kidman wore a stunning outfit at the 75th awards, and Hilary Swank at the 77th awards.

With all these hot and happening dresses, won’t it be fun, if your girlfriend wore them? Instead of ogling at Nicole Kidman, what if your own girlfriend looked like her?

Now, how do you convince your girlfriend to wear these sexy designer clothes? You can just request her to wear these dresses, but it’s totally up to her. She might wear them, or she might not. There is one simple solution though- buy these clothes for her. There are many online stores that can offer you designer clothes similar to the ones worn by Oscar divas. If you gift these exclusive designer clothes to your girlfriend, there is no reason she would say no. Just try gifting one of the super glamorous dresses to her, and you can have a glamorous star right at home.

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