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You spoke, and we listened! Many of you have written in telling us to check out the controversial dating information at Well, we did you one better! We were so impressed with what David D. had to say that we're now featuring his Dating Tips right here on our site! Dating information this good is literally impossible to find, so we're really excited to provide you with this content. Enjoy!

The ultimate mistake men make with women
Secrets of dating beautiful women
Initial conversations with women
How to keep a woman attracted to you
Should I be a nice guy?
Much better than buying her dinner
What women want in a man
Dealing with competition from other men
Ice breakers and starting conversations with women
How to keep a woman interested in you
Getting women to pick YOU up
Answering her tough questions
What attracts women sexually
Approaching women: Great examples
Will she be a "friend" or a "lover"?
What women think about David D.
Approaching women and kissing women
How to deal with tests from women
Why women are attracted to "jerks"
Why do women play games?
Approaching women and "getting physical"
How to get over your fear of women
Should I "wait to call her back"?
Is confidence "attractive" to women?
How to avoid paying for women's attention
Should you give a woman what she wants?
Are you afraid to approach women?
How to start conversations with women
Mind games to help you attract women
Reading and using "sexual body language"
What women are really attracted to in a man...
How to get yourself a girlfriend
Online dating tips and more
Every woman loves a challenge
Why nice guys fail with women
Secrets about women mom never taught you
New conversation skills to attract women
The secret reason men fail with women
Getting the one girl you've always liked
How to talk to women in bars and clubs
Attracting women and keeping them attracted
Why "cocky and funny" attracts women

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