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Dating Younger Women

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We all love younger women. Men and women are attracted to beauty, and youthfulness is always attractive. Sure, they might be immature and only after our cash, but we’re just as shallow – we want them for their looks. Of course, we love all women, and many of us prefer older women for all the other things they bring to the table, particularly when they take care of themselves and look just as hot as the younger gals.

Younger women want older guys, too. And the reasons may surprise you. It’s not always a fat wallet that lures the hotties, although you rarely see hot young girls with destitute old guys. Young women appreciate your maturity, experience, and patience. By treating her like a lady and having a clean apartment you have already separated yourself from the frat-boy pack she’s been running with since high school!

So, embrace your inner grown-up and let wisdom lead the way to fulfilling and fun filled trysts with young babes waiting for you.

Check out the links below for advice and some fun anecdotes about your biological need to pursue the pleasures of the younger woman. Some are obsessed with explaining the obvious, while other provide some great tips for those of you on the prowl.

Before getting started, however, check out this article on the importance of detachment! You will always run into some rejection with all women, particularly younger women. Learn how to handle it by never placing too much importance on one girl.

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Online Dating

If you want to date younger women, we recommend working on your game in general. You might adjust your approach depending on the age and other characteristics of the women you approach, but the laws of attraction and seduction are pretty universal. Improve your game, and you’ll hook up with more women of all ages. To get started, check out our dating tips page for advice from various pick-up artists.

Apart from improving your game, you can use the Internet to find women who might be interested in older guys. Check out our online dating page for more information. Here are some sites where you can definitely target younger women:

This site takes the best of adult dating sites and combines it with the best features of your favorite social media sites. The result is a pretty awesome hookup site where you can meet real women posting pics and starting converations. Of course you have to do some screening, but if you put some effort into this you can find some incredible hookups!
Young chicks LOVE online chat! This site is a free dating site devoted to the idea that great dates start with great online chat. You can easily set up a profile, upload photos and start meeting women! Women love onlin chat so it's an approach worth trying.
If you're on this page, this site was built for you! Basically, it's for guys looking for Sugar Babies. What does that mean? Well, if you have the means to spoil a young hottie, you'll find tons of hot women on this site looking for a Sugar Daddy. Some or looking for some short term NSA fun, while others are looking for an ongoing relationship with someone who can spoil them. Here you avoid some of the BS on other dating sites, as everyone knows the game going in. Also, the site is loaded with real profiles of hot women! Check it out and get a hot, younger babe on your arm!

Hily free dating site
Check out this review of the cool dating site

Dating Younger Woment - Web Guide
You’ll find some great advice in this article. There is a little background on Understanding her needs and what she’s looking for. Bloggers chime in with steamy stories of real life relationships and the pitfalls and pleasure of May-December romance.

Roissy in D.C.
This guy definitely has his own unique take on this subject. The best part of the site is the bloggers. Read all the sordid details…it’s addictive.

American Chronicle
Dating a younger woman in 5 easy steps! This site lays it out in an easy to follow, no nonsense manner. Find practical advice and quick tips for dating success.

Dos and Don’ts of dating younger women
Life explained on film! The dos and don’ts of dating younger women explained to by R. Don Steele in question and answer form. Short and sweet.
Relationship 101 advice from a woman who tells you how to successfully date younger women. Get the inside scoop from someone who knows.

Third Age
Why do older men date younger women? This site answers this question and many more. Gain some insight and use your skills to score with the ladies.

Hugo Schwyzer
The musings of 40-something Hugo are fascinating and entertain some of the deeper issues around inter-age dating. Check it out for a skewed view point and links to articles on the topic.

Finding Love after 50
If you’re over 50 and looking for love expand the possibilities and go fishing in the younger pond. Tom Blake discusses the ups and downs of “young” love.

The Fifteen Minute Dating Blog
Learn the 50 reasons why younger women should date older men. Ed Attanasio; comedian/writer delivers an amusing litany of older man younger woman relationships that will, at least, make you smile.

Doctor Paul
Adventures in dating younger women and the reflections of Dr. Paul; he offers an introspective look at the pitfalls and postulations of an older man looking for younger women.

Science Blog
This site discusses the science behind the craving. If you weren’t convinced before, put science on your side and learn why dating the girl of your dreams is good for mankind.

Marrying younger women
Scientific study which answers the question; why men like to marry younger women. Not that much arm twisting is needed, however, knowledge is power, just incase she may need convincing.

Also, check out our Double Your Dating page for articles from David DeAngelo. Make sure to check out his article on the secrets of dating younger women.

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