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Singles blogs offer everything from dating advice to affirmation of a single lifestyle. Blogs run the gamut of the silly to the sublime, heartache and romance. Read the often times humorous tales of life in the singles lane.

Obviously, not all singles want the same thing. You might want a relationship, or maybe you’re looking to date around, or frankly you might just be interested in hooking up. On this page we’ve listed blogs that cover all these topics, while other guides might specifically deal with dating, relationships or sex.

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One of the key questions to ask yourself involves whether you like being single or not. Then all advice should be filtered through that answer (if you know the answer). Some singles want to date more or date better partners so they can enjoy single life more. Other singles are looking for "the one" or a serious relationship. Look inward and then the advice from articles like these below will be more helpful.

What She’ll See in Your Bachelor Pad
The little things matter. When you bring her home to your apartment or house for the first time, she’s going to pay attention to everything, and the little things might make the difference as to whether you’ll be having a great evening or even the chance at another date.

12 Tips for Single Men on Their Journey To Meet ‘The One’
You’ll date fascinating characters before you meet your “one,” so why not have fun and learn along the way?

The 43 Most Common Reasons Men Stay Single
Any of these sound familiar?

3 Powerful Pieces of Advice For Single People
Stop feeling like you’re behind in your love life.

I’m a Relationship Therapist, and This Is the Most Common Question Single People Ask Me
4 questions single people always ask their therapists and the pros’ answers.

9 Dating Tips From Real Matchmakers
Dating advice for singles.

Married Men Gave These 27 Pieces Of Advice To Single Men
It turns out, you just need to be interesting and able to communicate! So good luck with that!

Singles Blogs - Guide

Men's Health - Sex and Relationships
Plenty of articles for single men. - Dating
Tons of dating tips for single men.

The Adult Man - Love and Lust
More dating tips for single men.

Single Life
Series of articles for singles. Many of these are from a woman's point of view, so understand the other side's perspective.

Girl with a one-track mind
The self proclaimed, Diary of a Sex Fiend, is just that. This is an honest no holds barred personal account of the sex life of a single girl with a lusty libido. Not only is she fascinating and real but she links to equally great blogs. Multiply the fun from this deliciously decadent accounting of one frisky frolic to the next from the princess of the potty mouth, Zoe Margolis.

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