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Gaining rapid popularity, surfing has become much more than just a hobby. Over the the past couple of years, surfing has lured national media attention from networks like ESPN2 and Foxsports, which have broadcast tours and competitions. That type of exposure has allowed surfing to close the popularity gap between it and other “secondary” sports like golf and tennis.

Thanks to professionals such as Kelly Slater, Andy Irons and Mick Fanning, kids are starting to gravitate to surfing at a much younger age, which is excellent for the longevity of the sport. As some of these professionals become more recognizable, it helps make marketing the sport easier.

Below is a web guide featuring informational sites not only on the professionals, but also surfing in general. Also included is a list of top surf break locations, as well as a news and commentary section dedicated to surfing articles.

Also, make sure to check out our surfing videos page for awesome shots of great surfers. Another treat is our hot surfer girl, Crystal, who graced as our Girl Next Door for March 2006.

Informational Web Sites

News, photos, videos, music and much, much more.
Surf reports and webcam video of beaches around the world.

International Surfing Museum
Official website of the International Surfing Museum in Huntington Beach, Calif. The site gives an overview of what you’ll find at the museum, plus an event schedule and surfing links.
Official website of the Association of Surfing Professionals and its world tour. You’ll find an ASP schedule, profiles on the surfers and a media center.
Fantastic website, which supplies information on the background of surfing, as well as moves, locations and a list of notable surfing professionals.

The British Surfing Association
This is the official website of the British Surfing Association, complete with news on British surfers as well as pictures, links and wallpapers.

Top surfing spots

A list of the top surfing breaks according to

G-Land (Bay of Grajagan)
Bells Beach (Victoria, Australia)
Jeffrey’s Bay (South Africa)
Puerto Escondido (Oaxaca, a state in Mexico)
Gold Coast Superbank (Queensland)
Teahupoo (Tahiti, French Polynesia)
Cape St. Francis (South Africa)
Banzai Pipeline (Honolulu, Hawaii)
Mavericks (Northern California)
Trestles (San Diego, California)

News and Commentary

The Trek of My Life
Mark Anders recounts his amazing adventure on the beaches of Costa Rica, surfing every day and walking the beautiful coastline.

Surfing’s Next Generation Takes to the Air
The New York Times has a cool article about the next generation of surfers. With tricks adapted from sports like BMX freestyle, snowboarding and skateboarding, a new generation of surfers has pushed the sport into another realm.

Beginner’s Guide to Surfing
World surfing champion Kelly Slater gives tips on how to tackle any wave.

Surfing still not among elite, dude
Staff writer Doug Green of Daily discusses the on-going perception that outsiders still have about surfing (i.e. the lazy “surfer dude” mentality) and how it is costing the sport elite status.

Be the board
Master the art of body surfing with tips from Men’s

Big wave surfing coming to the North Shore?
McAvoy Lane of the North Lake Tahoe Bonanza wonders why the North Shore of Lake Tahoe can’t generate a surfing festival. He reasons that the sport has become so big now, why doesn’t the North Shore get in on the latest craze?

Is surfing the new status sport?
Once considered as lazy bums by the national media, is surfing now a trendy sport?

Brave the wave
Interested in surfing? Try these workout tips from Men’s Health in order to get the best out of your surfing experience.

Bikini babes surfing
Check out this great video of a commercial from Mexico.

Signs say that Slater’s not yet ready to wave goodbye
Are Kelly Slater’s days on the board numbered? Here is one report that doesn’t think so.


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