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Prank calls, to some they are immature wastes of time that are best left behind after graduating from junior high. For others, they’re a solid for of entertainment, and for a select few, they’re a way to make a living. The Jerky Boys solidified the prank call as a form of entertainment in the early 90s, and while their popularity (and some might say quality of material) has decreased over the years, there have been countless others to pick up the torch and continue this noble tradition. Here are some of the best places to find prank calls on the web, as well as some resources that might help you make your own.

Prank Call Collections

Radio Prank
For those who are truly addicted to prank phone calls, this is your station. Radio Prank features, not surprisingly, nothing but prank phones calls, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They have a pretty good selection here, and feature new prank calls as well as classics from prank call legends like The Jerky Boys. You can listen to them through Loudcity or Live 365.

Prank Call Central
There are very few actual pranks calls you can listen to at this site, however if you are in a buying mood, these guys have more than enough CDs to make for it. There are over 200 CDs available here, and many of them are exclusive to this site.

Solitor’s Nightmare
This guy is a little different, instead of calling up strangers and harassing them, he waits for telemarketers to call him, at which point he makes their lives a living hell. Another difference between this site and the dozens of other prank call sites out there is that these recordings are relatively tame in the language department, so you can actually play these in front of your family without feeling an overwhelming sense of shame.

Frank’s World
First the downside, this is one fugly site. From the looks of it they haven’t updated their basic layout since 1997. However, once you get past that you’ll find a really good collection of prank calls that are, for the most part, exclusive to this but-ugly website.

Audio Comedy
This is a decent-sized collection of prank calls gathered from around the web. While most of the stuff on this page isn’t original, it’s a good place to start. One welcome site is that the calls have been rated by the site’s visitors, so you can tell which ones might be better left unheard and save yourself the trouble.

Professional Pranksters

The Jerky Boys
The all-time kings of the prank call – in the early 90s The Jerky Boys managed to take their hobby of harassing New Yorkers and parlay it all the way to a feature-length theatrical film (which really sucked...but whatever). Unfortunately, their site is little more than a teaser for their next album and it doesn’t even have any prank calls on it. Still, these guys are one of the main reasons prank calling is so popular in the first place.

Crank Yankers
Puppets are funny, prank calls are funny, therefore puppets making prank calls is freaking hysterical. The biggest prank call team since The Jerky Boys, the Crank Yankers’ bizarre combination of cute puppets and fowl-mouthed pranks has made them one of Comedy Central’s most popular shows. Listen to prank calls and download Crank Yanker-related media here.

Prank Machine
According to many prank call aficionados, the Prank Machine team used to have a real amazing website that had hundreds of prank calls on it. Then someone they pranked found out about it and the site got shut down. They launched a new site earlier this year, and they’ve already accumulated quite the collection of prank calls on it. Check it out now before they get caught again!

KDK Prank Calls
This is your one-stop-prank-call-stop. KDK Prank Calls has a prank call radio station that loops over 180 hours of prank goodness, a large section featuring prank calls by members of their comedy team, and an even larger section of prank calls by other people. They even host a few dozen soundboards that feature everyone from Stewie from Family Guy to Ricky Martin. An all-around perfect site for prank callers and their fans.

Prank Call Resources

Gag Report
This site has some of the most encompassing soundboards you will find on the internet. They Judge Judy and Arnold soundboards are so huge that they nearly have a response planned for every possible situation. They also have some funny MP3s that showcase the soundboards in use. Pranks
ZUG is the place for pranks, period! Tons of hilarious prank videos, prank pictures, and prank phone calls, updated every freaking day.


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