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The ability to tell a really funny joke is slowly becoming a lost art. Don’t let quality jokes about blondes, car salesmen and other time-tested humor sources vanish! There are a lot of great sites on the internet dedicated to good jokes of all kinds, from one-liners to your momma jokes. Unfortunately, for every good joke site there are 30 crudely designed, pop-up riddled ones. While the sites listed here may not be perfect, they are some of the best out there.

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The gang here scours the web and brings you some of the best jokes around. You don't need to filter through a bunch of crap to find a good one. Let them do it for you. They also have funny and sexy pics as well!

Aaron’s Jokes
I don’t know who Aaron is but he sure is a funny bastard. This site has over 10,000 jokes and they are organized in an easy-to-find way. You can look by topic, by date submitted and by their overall rating, meaning you can weed out the crap jokes and get straight to the good stuff right away. I wish other joke sites had that option.

Dirty Jokes, Inc.
The site may be called Dirty Jokes Inc. but there are really jokes of all kinds here, which have been separated into categories for your browsing pleasure. While the lack of actual dirty jokes is a bit disappointing, they label the dirty jokes for you, so if you are just looking for those your search is a lot easier

Comedy Central
It makes sense that one of the best collections of jokes on the internet is run by Comedy Central. While most joke sites have layout that a seventh-grader’s Geocities page can put to shame, Comedy Central’s joke database is attractive, fun to navigate and, most importantly, filled with a ton of great jokes.

Find Insults
This site is nothing more than lists of insults separated into three categories, general insults, your momma jokes, and insults to say to stupid people. While it may not be the most graphic intensive, unique or easy-to-browse joke site on the net, you have to admire its simplicity. This is a great place to go if you are looking for that great one-liner or zinger to add to an email or IM conversation.

Your Mom
They might not all be winners, but this site probably has the largest directory of ‘your momma’ jokes on the internet. Designed as a parody of Yahoo! this is a remarkably well-organized site, placing the jokes in categories such as personality, hygiene, and finance. If you ever get stuck in an insult contest with a Wayans brother this site just might be your salvation.

Jargon Jokes
Hear the one about the systems administrator that couldn’t convert the company’s network servers to Unix because of a compatibility issue? If you have, turn off your computer and talk to a girl, but when you come back check out this site, which is dedicated to tech-jokes for the IT-literate.

Kids’ Jokes
I’m doubting many eight-year-olds are reading this right now but someone with a bratty little brother or sister might be, and you might be able to get them out of your hair for a while by directing them to this joke directory made for, and by, kids. Although if you do so beware – because they’ll probably try out these pun-heavy groaners on you.
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