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Sites with funny pictures are some of the best time-wasters out there, especially if you are at work. Sure, videos may be a blast to watch, but they usually require sound to fully appreciate, and if the Numa Numa Song blaring out of your cubicle isn’t a sign of low productivity that I don’t know what is. Procrastinate in silence with these sites that showcase the funny, stupid and just plain odd.

Daily Pictures -
These guys find hilarious pics from around the web. Check back daily for hilarious stuff.

Damn Funny Pictures
Contrary to the site name, not every picture on this site is ‘damn funny’ some are ‘damn interesting’ ‘damn gross’ or ‘damn weird.’ Others just suck. They have a good layout though and a pretty good voting system set up so you can find the good stuff quickly and avoid the crap.

Supper happy fun time had here will be! Much picture of hilarious from mad translation of the Japanese people into the English. Seriously, this site features hundreds of examples of poorly translated English by well-meaning individuals and companies from Japan, China and other Asian countries.

Stupid Street Signs
Idiocy is abounding here! In addition to stupid street signs, this site also has pictures of stupid billboards, stupid store signs and the occasional stupid person. Unfortunately the stupidity here seems to have spread to the people that work on the site, as it is horribly laid out and has no ‘what’s new’ section. It’s still good for a laugh though.

Superman is a giant douchebag, as the huge gallery of unintentionally hilarious covers from the Golden Age of Superman prove. Also included are galleries showing the S&M side of Wonder Woman, the not-so-hidden homoerotic subtext of Batman and Robin, and concrete proof that everything is funnier when monkeys are thrown in.

Statue Molesters
Hundreds of pictures featuring random idiots sexually assaulting statues around the world. Ronald McDonald seems to be a favorite target, which totally gives their slogan of I’m Lovin’ It an entirely new and twisted meaning. Don’t feel sorry for him though, even though he can’t talk I’m sure that sick clown was asking for it.

Obscene Interiors
As if the guys in online personal ads weren’t scary enough, this site removes the naked horndogs entirely from the pictures (God bless Photoshop) and solely judges the rooms where they chose exhibit their naughty bits to other horny perverts online. After browsing a few of these pics, you get the idea that maybe if these guys redecorated a little bit then they wouldn’t have to resort to online personals to get laid.

Stuff On My Cat
Cats In Sinks
Kitten fanatics scare me. What scares me more are the guys I know that are stereotypically straight-as-can-be in every way imaginable but still talk like a retarded Mogwai when they see a cute kitten. If you are one of those guys, get help, but in the meantime enjoy these two kitten picture sites with very descriptive names.
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