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When I first joined the Television Critics Association in 2007, I attended the summer press tour in July, but when the time rolled around for the annual winter tour in January 2008, I was met with disappointment when the event became one of many pieces of collateral damage suffered during the lengthy writer’s strike. Fortunately, fences were soon mended (more or less), and the tour was back in action come the following January.

Here we are now, then, in 2010, and the timing for this TCA tour couldn’t be more perfect. On the docket: prime time failures, series stalwarts making departures, and…oh, right, some new shows, too. As ever, I’m making the rounds throughout the tour, getting as much TV news as I can absorb, chatting with various actors, directors, producers, writers and reality-show stars, and generally trying not to pass out from the combination of hard work, long hours and free drinks.  And why do I do it…?

I do it for you, the Bullz-Eye readers, of course. And you’re welcome.

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