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Jeff Green played forward for the Georgetown Hoyas. Last season, he became the sixth player to win both the Big East Rookie of the Year (in 2005) and go on to win the conference Player of the Year. He won POY honors despite only averaging 13.5 points, which put him 22nd in the conference in scoring.

This goes to show how Big East coaches respect Green’s all-around game. He’s more intent on making the assist or grabbing the tough rebound than he is on getting his points. He’s not a natural scorer and still looks a little uncomfortable shooting from the perimeter, but he’s definitely improved that part of his game over the last year. Most importantly, he wants the ball in crunch time.

Green has been compared to Scottie Pippin and projects to small forward in the NBA. At the next level, he should continue to get most of his points in the post, while setting up his teammates for easy shots. Green is not unlike Brandon Roy in that there isn’t any one outstanding part of his game – he simply does everything well. Roy, the 2007 Rookie of the Year, has had success in the NBA and Green should as well. He is projected to be a top ten pick in the 2007 NBA Draft.

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Quotes about Jeff Green

"You'll stop and think when I say this, but it's true: Jeff Green is the smartest player I've ever coached. You would know this better than most: that's a hell of a statement.” – Georgetown coach John Thompson III

“When you start trying to label him, saying he's a big guy or a small guy, all of a sudden he does things that are the opposite of what you were saying. He is a basketball player. I can put him at any spot on the floor, and he can have success." – John Thompson III

“Green can do so many things well on the offensive end and does such a great job of recognizing what the defense is giving him that most teams are likely to look past the fact that he probably won’t be true shot-creator at the next level.” – DraftExpress Profile

“Scouts love his versatility and all-around game. But he doesn't really have one standout skill, which hurts him a bit. After a rocky start, has played consistent enough of late to push himself back to the late lottery.” ESPN Draft Tracker(Insider subscription required)

"Handling the ball at the top and hitting my guy going backdoor on the bounce pass. That's my favorite play. I love throwing the bounce pass to my teammates." – Jeff Green, when asked what epitomizes him as a player