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2010 Fall Movie Preview

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So, how was your summer vacation? Hollywood's was pretty miserable. The successes of "Toy Story 3," "Inception," and a few others notwithstanding, this was one of the grimmest blockbuster seasons in recent (or, come to think of it, not-so-recent) memory. When a movie as plainly awful as "Vampires Suck" takes second place over its opening weekend, things have gone horribly wrong.

But as bad as summer was, it's all behind us now, and with temperatures dropping, football back on the tube, and the kids back in school where they belong, it's time once more to start looking forward to the fall movie season -- otherwise known as the time of year when the studios start thinking about the Academy Awards, and begin sprinkling thoughtful adult fare in between the more mainstream releases on the schedule.

True to form, this fall brings us awards contenders from the usual suspects (Danny Boyle, Clint Eastwood) as well as grown-up dramas from Ben Affleck, balls-out action from a machete-wielding Danny Trejo, silver-haired spy thrills from George Clooney, and the beginning of the end for the "Harry Potter" saga. But that's not all -- far from it. From September 1 through mid-November, here are 25 films we think you should be marking down on your calendars!

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