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2006: The Year in Movies

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Please do not think of us as divas when you read the introductory paragraphs that the two main BE movie critics came up with completely independent of one another -- this really was a bad year for movies. Admit it: right now you’re thinking, Wah, you have to see movies for a living, what a hard life. And yes, we admit that seeing “Mission: Impossible III” and “The Departed” is cool. Having to see “Hostel,” “Big Momma’s House 2” and “Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector,” however, is most definitely not cool, and not even the supposed Oscar Season was able to save the day in the end.

So join us as we discuss our favorite, and least favorite, movies of 2006, along with a few honorable mentions for movies that fell out of the range of what could be called a “Best” movie but movies we enjoyed nonetheless.

David Medsker
(On “The Black Dahlia”) “Hey, watch me do a tracking shot. Wasn’t that cool? Now I’m going to do a split-screen. Neat, huh? And doesn’t Hilary Swank totally look like Mia Kirshner? No, no, and HELL no.”
Best movie: “Brick”
Worst movie: “Hostel”

Jason Zingale
(On “Blood Diamond”) “Thirty minutes shorter and this makes top five, easy.”
Best movie: “Thank You for Smoking”
Worst movie: “Hostel”

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