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Wine Reviews: Egon Muller Scharzof Riesling 2001
by: Vino Joe (e-mail
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Egon Muller Scharzof Riesling 2001 is one of Vino Joe's Favorite Wines!

German wines have gotten a bad rap due to Blue Nun, a sickly sweet beverage that barely passes for wine. For those who are just starting to get into wine, especially people converting from white zin or wine coolers, a genuine German Riesling is a super place to start. The best of these -- such as from Egon Muller -- have a super-ripe, almost sweet fruit flavor yet finish completely dry, have an excellent level of acidity to match with almost any food, and peak at around 7 or 8 percent alcohol (so you can drink twice as much before getting buzzed). 

Egon Muller doesn't make a large volume of wine, but what he does make is outstanding -- some think his wines are the best whites in the world. Unfortunately, very little of his wine makes it outside Germany. That's because each year, around the harvest time, Germany has a national event auctioning off the country's best wines. Every year, a bottle of Egon Muller fetches a purchase price of a few thousand dollars -- no joke. The wines are that good. Luckily, a few hundred cases of his "lesser" wines are exported for us paupers; one of my favorites, and under $25, is his "Scharzof" Riesling.

Scharzof has a light, fresh, appealing nose of ripe fruit. It smells and tastes like a basket of sweet ripe granny smith apples yet finishes completely dry. A high level of acidity balances the wine perfectly, and makes it a super match with pork chops and sauerkraut, any other white meat dish, or really spicy food. Though it seems light and fruity, this is a serious wine with a finish that lasts surprisingly long.

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