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Beer, hamburgers, beer, kielbasa, beer, chips, hot wings and beer are all things that make a great tailgating party (don’t forget the beer). But there’s more to a great tailgating party then getting faced until you’re too drunk to get in the stadium (really, there is) and setting a up a truly great tailgate event so every other fan in the parking lot is green with envy (not just green with too much beer) is not an easy task. If you want your tailgate to be so awesome that some people would rather hang out behind your pickup then go in the stadium then you should check out some of these websites. Then, get ready for the hangover.

Essential Cocktails

Five classic drinks every guy should know how to makeFive classic drinks every guy should know how to make

Want to keep the party going all night? Anyone can throw together a Jack and Coke, but what about a martini or an old fashioned? Learn how to make a cocktail Don Draper would be proud of.

Tailgating Information

How to Tailgate
Believe it or not there’s more to throwing a proper tailgate party than a bunch of booze and over-enthusiastic sports fans! This article on eHow is an informative piece that should help the tailgating illiterate figure out how to properly hold a party behind their pickup in no time at all.

Tailgating Ideas
This tailgating blog is constantly updated with the latest news, product reviews and other stuff that fans of parking lot partying should appreciate. This is a great site for tailgating fans to visit daily, as it is frequently updated.

The Ultimate Tailgater
Those first two sites set up the basics, when you really want to get going check this bad boy out. This site easily earns it’s “ultimate” tag, as it is hands-down the most feature-packed, user-friendly and educational tailgating site on the internet. In addition to all the features that most tailgating sites have (recipes and blogs) this site also has audio and video podcasts taken from the road, a selection of great tailgating handbooks for sale and a ton of more great info for both die-hard tailgaters and those just getting into the pastime

This site is run by Joe Cahn, the self-proclaimed Commissioner of Tailgating. This dude says he goes to over 40 college and pro football stadiums a year, not to go to the game, but just to tailgate and party. One must assume his blood alcohol level is around 1.0. Anyways, at his site you can find out a lot about the parking lots of stadiums across the country for a variety of sporting events, which include their contact information and the rules they have for tailgaters. There are also recipes that are tailgate-friendly and links to items at other websites that a tailgater might need.

On The Blacktop
This NFL-favored tailgating site has an active community with message boards, blogs and online radio. This is one of the few tailgating sites that actively tries to engage its readers, so their effort should be commended even if the results (a not-so-active message board) leaves a little to be desired.

You can really show your professional tailgating credentials if you join the United States Tailgating Association (USTGA). What does being a member of this illustrious group get you (aside from all the chicks)? Well, you get a t-shirt and decals that can show off your membership, as well as a monthly E-newsletter, exclusive beer koozie and more. Seriously, why wouldn’t you join?

Tailgating Stores

Maximum Tailgating
A kind of one-stop site for all your tailgating needs. Maximum Tailgating features an online store to buy goods you’ll need on game day, links to sports articles from across the internet, and sections of tailgating recipes, games and other activities to keep you occupied while downing a six pack (or twelve) in the parking lot.

American Tailgator
Tailgating is most-likely an American-born phenomenon, so the name of this online catalog of tailgating paraphernalia makes sense when you think about it. They got everything, including dozens of various items to help you hold, store and transport your beer.

The Tailgating Pros
These guys have forgone their amateur tailgating status to go pro and it certainly shows. This great site is one of the best online stores dedicated solely to tailgating gear and it includes a huge variety of stuff, including some great items for cooking and just relaxing – so they have more than just coolers and cozies for beer (but don’t worry they have those too).

Tailgating Articles

The Prize in the Parking Lot
Marketers are all over the tailgating crowd as it becomes big business.

Tailgate Nation
Photo gallery of one of America’s favorite pastimes.

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