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If you love a party, you'll absolutely love Mardi Gras in New Orleans. It has everything you would want in a great party atmosphere -- tons of alcohol (and you can carry your beer in the street!), a cool location (the French Quarter in New Orleans), great food (lots of gumbo and oysters) and a fun theme (women flash their boobs if you give them beads -- how cool is that?).

This is one of the few events left in this country that hasn't been spoiled by political correctness. Practically anything goes as Mardi Gras, so get ready to drink mass quantities and chase some serious tail.

As we mentioned above, you want to get your hands on TONS of beads. They sell them everywhere, so don't be a cheap bastard. Trust us, it will be the best investment you ever made. Even guys who can't complete a sentence around women can score at Mardi Gras (or at get some attention from women) simply by waving around some cool beads.

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Girls of Mardi Gras

See the women of Mardi Gras partying on Bourbon Street

Britney - when she was hot!
Britney always parties like it's Mardi Gras
Beads make girls do crazy things
Hot girls flashing their boobs will never get old!