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Many people like Halloween more than any other holiday. Unlike Christmas you usually don’t have to buy gifts for everyone, and it’s not like Thanksgiving so you don’t have to travel across the country to spend time with family you don’t like and eat food that makes you gassy. Halloween gives everyone the chance to be someone else for a day, let their inhibitions go and just go completely nuts. Or at the very least put on a hockey mask and scare the neighbor’s kids. No matter what you are looking to get out of Halloween, there are plenty of sites on the internet to help you.

If you're looking for a hookup or just to meet more women, there are few events better than Halloween parties. As mentioned above, people let go of their inhibitions and women in particular love to dress up and show another side of themselves. Often it's a much naughtier side. Halloween is a socially acceptable way to dress in a provocative way that most women would never even consider on every other day of the year. Women love to wear wild and revealing outfits, and it often turns them into very naughty girls! So have some fun and find the best party out there.

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Hollywood Inspirations for Halloween Costumes
Movies and TV are a great source for inspiration when it comes to sexy Halloween costumes.

Harley Quinn from "Suicide Squad" (2016)
Margot Robbie created an iconic version of the DC Comics character, and now we see these costumes everywhere!

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad 2016
Hot Halloween Costumes

Here are some slideshows with hot babes sporting sexy costumes that are great for Halloween. Remember, always try to meet the women with the sluttiest costumes at the Halloween party!!

Le Gaga in BucharestSexy vampirenes backstage at Bucharest nightclub

Bullz-Eye partied with the beautiful vampirenes at Le GaGa, an amazing nightclub in Bucharest.

Sexy Vampirenes and Bran CastleSexy Vampirenes and Bran Castle

Bullz-Eye traveled all the way to Romania to photographs these beautiful Romanian models in Transylvania at the infamous Bran Castle (aka Dracula’s Castle).

The Sexy Schoolgirl Outfit

Britney Spears made the schoolgirl costume a sensation, and we have a gallery of our Bullz-Eye models in versions of this outfit.

The Sexy Nurse

Practically any theme can be sexy if a woman has an imagination, but the hot nurse requires very little work.

Amber Heard is a sexy Bunny

Amber Heard looked like a rising star on "The Playboy Club." She couldn't save the show, but she's a great example of how a Bunny costume would be awesome for Halloween!

Bullz-Eye Horror Features

Check out these horror movie features from our archives as you prepare for Halloween, and check out our movies reviews of the latest horror films as well.

Best Death Scenes: Saw EditionBest Death Scenes: "Saw" Edition
October 27, 2010

Attention gorehounds! As the "Saw" series wraps up, we revisit some of our favorite bloody moments and send the horror franchise off in style.

Ten of Denzel's lesser known filmsLaugh? I thought I'd die!
June 16, 2009

Vampires are often painted as dark, sinister characters with a penchant for gothic fashion and a taste for blood that can never be fully quenched. Once in a while, we're gifted with bloodsuckers who can see the funny side of their affliction…or if they can't, then at least the viewers can.

Best Death ScenesBest Death Scenes
October 15, 2007

Whether it's the teen horror gore or the great social commentary horror we love, the genre is full of gruesome death scenes. We offer twenty of the best.

Best Death ScenesThe 15 Best Horror Movies
October 24, 2005

We put our heads together – and in the process nearly bashed each other's heads in – and assembled what might be the most atypical list of horror movies you'll find.

Around the Web
Halloween means different things to different people. Some people like it because of all the haunted houses. Others enjoy having the excuse to dress up and act like a complete doofus. If your looking for information about any of those things, as well as how to throw the perfect Halloween party, set up for trick-or-treaters and much more, this is a good starting place, as they have a little bit of it all.
This site is amazing. Obviously, their focus is on haunted houses and they really go all out with their coverage of them. Just click on a state and then peruse a huge listing of haunted houses in your area. They don’t just list the sites though; they also give you all kinds of information about the haunted houses such as ticket prices, attraction information and much more. If that wasn’t it, they also have information on things that Halloween fans will love, including horror movies, gothic culture and all kinds of other crap that’ll scare the crap out of you.

Halloween Movies
People are always looking for good horror movies to watch on Halloween. And while there are thousands of great horror flicks, there’s only one you should watch on Halloween night Halloween. This year the producers of the Halloween series are bringing the original back to theatres for two nights only in select cities. Check their site and see if you’re town is lucky enough to get them. If you call yourself a horror fan then you owe it to yourself to see this one on the big screen at least once.

Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes 4 U
Their site may not look all that hot (okay, it looks downright fugly) but these guys have been in business in one form or another since 1985 so even if they haven’t mastered the art of web design they must be doing something right. They have a lot of character costumes for kids and adults as well as make-up and wig accessories also. Another plus to these guys is that they actually have plus-sized people model their plus-sized costumes, so you can see what your big-ass will look like in that ninja outfit.

Costume Ideas
If you have the money to buy or rent a costume, but would still rather make your own, then this site may be more your speed. Although there are sadly a lack of pictures here, the sheer amount of ideas listed here are sure to inspire even the most creatively bankrupt into creating their own costumes this year.

Costume Idea Links
If you can’t find a costume idea at those two sites, then you should be able to find one here. This site is nothing but links to other sites for costume ideas. The only downside is that the site’s interface is a little janky and you’ll never know what kind of site the links will take you to.

Zombie Make-Up Guide
If you’re going to go the gross-out make-up route this year, than being a zombie is probably your best bet. Between their countless appearances in video games, TV shows, movies and comic books, it’s clear that everyone loves zombies. This site details some great DIY zombie make-up ideas, including compound factures, torn skin and even exposed skulls. Do what these guys tell you and you’ll look just as dead as Abe Vigoda.

Sexy Costumes for the Ladies

We love women in sexy Halloween costumes. There's something admirable about women who take advantage of holidays like Halloween to dress up like the slut, er, hot sexy babe, that they want to be! Seriously, anything that removes their hesitation to show more skin and dress up in sxy outfits is a great thing!

There are tons of great examples, and you should feel free to offer up suggestions to encourage the women you want to hit on to get in a sensual frame of mind by putting on some sexy clothes. One example is the sexy nurse. This might be good for the gal who wants to show more of her body but is hesitant to go too far. One of our favorites made popular by everyone's favorite train wreck, Britney Spears, is the lovable schoolgirl outfit. There's something edgy about this look, and it can have so many varieations. Asian girls love it as well, as the Asian schoolgirl outfit is quite a hit as well.