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The concept of a drinking game is such an amazing invention. We wish we knew who came up with this brilliant idea. Naturally, it probably involved some bored dudes just looking to have fun, and then at some point evolved into a way to hook up with hot chicks.

When you think if drinking games, most of us think about our college days and having fun with college girls. There are few things better to get a party started than a drinking game, and it's one of the easiest ways to turn party girls into even more fun naughty girls. Booze is the social lubricant that generates so much fun and social interaction. Of course, there are limits, so don't ever push it too far if someone gets too drunk!!

As the drinking games get going, things always get wild. You'll see crazy stuff like girls kissing and of course people start hooking up. Damn we miss college!

Whether you’re in college, at a party, or just hanging out with your friends, this drinking games guide will help you turn your social gathering into a wild and crazy fun filled night that will keep you longing for the weekend to get here even sooner.


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Bar None Drinks
The ultimate drinking games library. This site has it all with games organized into 11 categories. For a true in-depth reference of great games visit this site!

The web tender is a unique site with over 100 drinking games. The best part about this site other than its great game directions is the buzz level guide that lets you know how messed up you’ll be by the end of the game.

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Real Beer
Realbeer.com is definitely for serious beer drinkers. This site has tons of games but also the latest beer news, plus all kinds of info related to beer such as upcoming festivals and competitions.

Ten hilarious drinking games courtesy of our friends on the other side of the pond.

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