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In the past a single woman in her 40s or older was dubbed an “old maid” and shunned from the community. With no one willing to give them some much-needed play, they had no choice but to become the crazy cat ladies who kids in the neighborhood made fun of. How the times change! Now the kids in the neighborhood are just as likely to spy in the bedroom window of the local 40-something single/divorced woman because there’s a fair chance she’s drop-dead gorgeous and ready to go (you can make your own cat lady/pussy joke here). Now, instead of spinsters and old maids we have “cougars,” older women ready to pounce on the nearest piece of young meat they can get their hands on. The phenomenon of cougars is relatively new (god bless plastic surgery and 24 hour gyms) so it’s fairly uncharted territory for most guys out there. These sites should help educate you in the ways and habits of this wild beast, and where you can find one in their natural habitat.

Also, check out our guide to how to date a cougar!

Featured Cougar Videos and Galleries

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Cougar Dating Sites

As you can see from te link below, we don't have a great recommendation for a site just devoted to cougars. It usually works the other way around, with young women on sites looking for older guys with money. But you'll find tons of cougars on traditional dating sites and adult dating sites.
A little more refined that Go Cougar, this site has a forum for cougars and their prey to chat it up, and a nice selection of articles that examine the specifics of age-gap relationships. Like Go Cougar you have to register if you want full access to the site, but it’s free and doesn’t take that long.

More Cougar Sites and Articles

UK Cougar
The cougar is not only found in America, they are showing up in the UK as well. While this article isn’t that terribly different than many of the others linked to in this guide, it is interesting to find out what those across the pond think of hot woman-on-dude action. Before you hop a plane to score some limey tail you might want to look at the pics of the cougars profiled in this piece, because these British broads definitely look like wild animals.

Lonely Old Dudes: Side-effect of the Cougar Phenomenon
A surprisingly serious look at the cougar phenomenon, this short article from The Huffington Post talks about one group of people that is getting neglected because of the recent boom of cougars – Baby Boomer Men! Think about it, if all the women over 40 are now suddenly chasing young meat then where does that leave their age-appropriate counterparts? In front of the computer with a box of tissues? While the sudden influx of older women looking to score may be great for us younger guys now, we might not feel the same way if we’re still 45 and single. That said, many older guys have done pretty well with younger babes – especially if you have money, power or a really nice car!

MILFS vs. Cougars
It can be difficult for us guys to figure out the difference between a cougar and a MILF. While you may think the two overlap, that is not the case. This page from The Bachelor Guy breaks down the very important differences between a cougar and a MILF, and where you’re going to need to go if you want to score one and not the other.

Cougars Rule!
Great article from Bonnie Fuller about the hot cougars dominating pop culture, including Demi Moore, Jennifer Aniston, Cindy Crawford, Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman, Courtney Cox and Michelle Pfeiffer.

Celebrity Cougars

Hollywood is loaded with 40-something actresses who still look smoking hot and merit the cougar label!