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The television landscape has always been littered with the corpses of shows that premiered, got critical acclaim, but couldn’t pull in the viewers to survive. In 2008, however, the situation seemed to be worse than ever. Remember the most recent Bullz-Eye TV Power Rankings? Our #16 show, “Eli Stone,” got its pink slip from ABC, as did two of our Honorable Mentions (“Dirty Sexy Money” and “Pushing Daisies”), while CBS killed off “Jericho” for a second time, staked “Moonlight,” and looks about to close down “Swingtown.” Given that the #1-rated show in our Power Rankings didn’t so much as merit a mention from any of the writers who contributed to our Year End TV Review, let’s hope that we won’t be eulogizing "Mad Men" in 2009!

Okay, actually, we should put this in perspective and remember that the three Bullz-Eye writers who voted most highly for “Mad Men” in the Power Rankings did not contribute to this piece. And although it’s only a half-hearted slap on the back at best, we should also be grateful that the networks saw fit to keep creative shows like “Lost,”  “Chuck” and “Life on Mars” on the air. Perhaps more importantly, though, the cable networks deserve a shout-out for providing us with fun fare like “Burn Notice” and the late, great FX drama, “The Shield.”  And, hell, we might as well admit it: There are even some entertaining reality shows floating around out there.

Join us, if you will, as five of Bullz-Eye’s finest take a look back at what they loved and loathed throughout 2008…and if you spot anything that sounds interesting to you but you haven’t yet checked out, we recommend doing so now.

Because if you don’t watch it today, it might not be there tomorrow.

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