March madness and basketball fun

March Madness and basketball fun

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About $4 billion will be made in wagers during March Madness, and one-third of it by online betting sites alone. Come March, some sort of sports madness, particularly of the basketball kind, takes up the whole nation, where 65 teams of men and women vie with each other to win the coveted college basketball’s biggest prize. And if the games were not exciting enough, there are other parallel frenzies created with the basketball bingo and bracket bets!

Bingo and basketball? You would think nah! But each provides the same (ok, almost the same!) kind of excitement, one on the court, and the other on paper/cards. The basketball bingo adds intrigue to the already exciting game. In basketball bingo, players have cards with words like rebound, dunk, shoot, free throw, air ball and other basketball terms on it. As and when the game is progressing, say if a player does a dunk or a free throw or whatever the call is, you have to mark it immediately on the card. The first player to get a strike of five words horizontally, vertically or diagonally will win a prize.

March Madness is more than madness for basketball. If playing basketball bingo is one way of reliving the excitement on the court, bracket bets are another. Bets are placed as the 64 teams (one team will be taken off right at the beginning) march toward the final game in just over three weeks. However, these are not random bets, and trends are predicted and patterns followed. If you want to partake in a bit of this madness, go online and check out the history of the teams before placing a bet. Remember the losers need not be losers always, and basketball bingo or bracket betting is all about fun.

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