March Madness 2010

March Madness 2010

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The 2009-2010 season has shaped up to be an exciting year for online sports betting and sports fans through the world. Who could have really predicted that the New Orleans Saints would defeat the Indianapolis Colts so solidly? And, now, sports fans are gearing up for the next showdown that has online sports betting fans watching their favorite NCAA basketball teams, crossing their fingers and looking forward to the wild March Madness games. You might be surprised to learn that the biggest online sports betting event in North America is March Madness.

During this time, March Madness fans can watch NCAA basketball almost as much as their brains can handle as the event runs from noon until midnight. Sure, fans will root for their favorite teams, but of course, online sports betters have an added element of tension and that's the ability to either win or lose money – very rarely to break even.

This year, the opening round starts on March 16 and will most likely prove to be as exciting as previous madness March months. There have been a few disappointing teams, such as the Oklahoma Sooners; however, expect some Cinderella teams to possibly emerge these last few weeks before the tournament. The Kansas Jayhawks are a solid team for online sports betting fans, but other teams to watch closely are Kentucky, Syracuse, Texas and Villanova.

If you enjoy online sports betting on underdogs, then this year, there are some good ones to consider. Georgetown has moved up from 60/1 odds to 20/1 odds. But probably one of the best bets to consider is BYU, who started the season at 600/1 odds and now stands at 45/1.

Teams to avoid betting on (unless you just can't help yourself)? Well, look no further than last year's NCAA defending champion, the North Carolina Tar Heels. The team started out the season at 6/1 odds and were favored to win, but now they'll be lucky to even make it out of the locker room and onto the court.

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