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Fantasy Football Resource Center

Fantasy Football Resource Center 
Sports Channel / Sports Web Guide

October means play-off baseball. Here is a list of some of the best sites to go and catch all the action of your favorite team, including some sites that will test your baseball knowledge and give you a deep look into the historical tradition of our nationís pastime. 

The World Series
The official and ultimate World Series site. This site has it all including up to the minute scores, stats, articles and historical references, plus audio and video links so you can catch your team live and in action.

ESPNís baseball site has all the current baseball news, plus insights from personalities such as Peter Gammons.

Baseball Reference
Whoever your team is, you can find their complete history and vital statistics from this baseball encyclopedia.

Baseball Trivia
This site offers great fun filled factual quizzes about former world series. They have all kinds of trivia from beginning to expert.

Baseball Quizzes
Test your all time world series IQ at this site. This is a great test of baseball knowledge.

Sports Illustrated
The Sports Illustrated site has complete up-to-date news, scores and articles to keep you posted with your favorite team.

Fox Sports
This site carries all the news, stats, a photo gallery and TV schedules so you donít miss a moment of your favorite team.
This site prides itself on having all the latest news and info about baseball and the post season. 


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