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There are a couple of words that could describe Michael Huff’s rookie campaign in 2006: stagnant, dormant, dull or unspectacular. But that doesn’t mean the first year safety out of Texas wasn’t good. In fact, he was part of a Raiders’ secondary that ranked first in the league in ’06.

Oakland drafted Huff seventh overall in the ’06 draft and signed him to a hefty six-year, $43 million contract. He finished with 64 solo tackles and one interception in 16 games. He also suffered minor ankle and shoulder injuries, which could explain why his final stats were less than impressive compared to most starting safeties.

Huff has prototypical size by NFL standards, standing 6’0” and weighing just over 200 pounds. He has excellent speed for defensive back and can hit like a linebacker. Barring injury, he should continue to develop and help the Raiders’ vastly underrated secondary.  

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Latest on Huff

Huff continues to improve as a quality young safety in the NFL. He totaled 87 tackles, a forced-fumble and an interception in his second season. While many thought Huff might eventurally turn out to be a bust, he's proving doubters wrong and he appears to have a bright future ahead of him.

News and Commentary

Raiders pass on Leinart, go with Huff
With a chance to select a future starting quarterback in Matt Leinart in the '06 NFL Draft, the Raiders instead got defensive and took safety Michael Huff.

If only the Raiders had drafted Cutler
Steve Corkran of the Marin Independent Journal criticizes the Raiders decision to chose undersized safety Michael Huff instead of quarterback Jay Cutler in the 2006 NFL Draft.


Quotes on Huff prior to being selected 7th overall by the Raiders in the '06 NFL Draft

“He just has a great sense of humor, the ability to laugh, to not take himself so seriously. In a lot of ways, it's hard to replace kids like that. They're good for everybody."Texas co-coordinator Duane Akina

"Huff had a great game [against Louisiana] and often, you don't even notice it. I think a lot of people have respect for him. When you have great defensive backs, you always have to keep the receivers in the hot seat." - Texas co-coordinator Duane Akina