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Things aren’t supposed to be easy for an NFL rookie, but it’s hard to argue that Joseph Addai’s first year was a breeze.

Selected in the first round of the 2006 NFL draft by the Indianapolis Colts, Addai finished with 1,081 yards on 226 carries and seven rushing touchdowns while sharing the backfield with veteran Dominic Rhodes. He also caught 40 passes in the Colts’ pass-happy offense and averaged 8.1 yards per catch.

Addai’s regular season performance carried into the postseason where he gained 217 yards with two touchdowns in three Colt victories, lifting them into a date with the Chicago Bears and Super Bowl XLI in Miami.

Not only did Addai reach the Super Bowl in his first year – an amazing feat for any rookie, not to mention one who had a starring role – he could have been crowned MVP if it weren’t for quarterback Peyton Manning’s 25 of 38 passing and one touchdown-performance. Addai caught 10 passes for 66 yards and also carried the ball 19 times for 77 yards.

Now heading into his second season, Addai is expected to carry the full rushing load and be the Colts No. 1 back. As long as he can stay healthy, he could put up numbers that rival some of the best backs in the league.

And who said succeeding in National Football League was difficult?

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Latest on Addai

Addai had a solid second season, rushing for 1,072 yards on 261 carries and 12 touchdowns. He was a bit of a disappointment in the Colts’ 28-24 loss to the Chargers in the Divisional Playoff round, however, totaling only 43 yards on 13 carries.

News and Commentary

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With a full season under his belt and out of Dominic Rhodes’ shadow, Joseph Addai is ready to carry the rushing load for the 2007 Colts.

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Talk about getting full support – Joseph Addai gets the nod from future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning heading into the 2007 season.

Addai Says

On his rookie season in 2006:
"It went from me trying to learn what was going on to now we're at the Super Bowl. It was crazy. It was a whole learning experience for me -- what's going on, what's Peyton (Manning) thinking about, how is he going to change the play? It went fast, but I enjoyed it."

On putting the Super Bowl victory behind him:
"Great players know how to move on and try to do more great things. You're only as good as your last play. You remember what happened last year, but you remember the steps it took to get there and you try to do those things to get there again."

On getting more opportunities heading into his second season:
“I mean, my whole mind-set is just taking advantage of what they give me. I mean, if they want to give me the ball more, if he (Tony Dungy) wants to use me in the passing game, I’ll just try to take advantage of that. The biggest thing is knowing that I will probably get more of the carries, so I have to know how to take care of my body and understand that I have to treat my body really well.”